F.U.D. – It’s Everywhere. It’s Everywhere.

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FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Unfortunately, the commercial pet food industry has created an element of fear towards a fresh raw food diet by making claims that a raw diet is actually unsafe for your dog and your family. They claim that there is an opportunity for bacteria, such as salmonella, to be passed from your dog to your family, pointing out that the bacteria is detectable in the dog’s feces, but what they’re not saying is that this is also true for dogs on a kibble-based diet. As a rule, follow current Food Safe guidelines, try not to touch dog excrement, and wash your hands thoroughly after picking up after your dog.

They also claim the bacteria in raw meat is harmful for your dog. While this can be true for dogs with immunocompromised systems, modern dogs still have the evolutionary traits that allowed them to eat meat that wasn’t always the freshest. The antibacterial properties secreted within their saliva, combined with a short and highly acidic digestive tract, help create an inhospitable environment for potentially harmful bacteria. For households with immunocompromised dogs or people, we recommend a home cooked diet with supplements, or a High Pressure Processed (HPP) option that maintains many of the benefits of raw while eliminating pathogens.

There is also an uncertainty about the pricing structure of a raw diet, which has been exploited by commercial pet food makers who claim that raw is more expensive than kibble. And while there are bargain-basement options for kibble, the truth is a raw diet is priced about the same as a “high quality” kibble diet. The ingredients for a raw diet are easy to find, through pet food stores like Growlies, as well as within your own freezer. The raw meat you buy for your family is also good for your dog, providing you maintain a nutritional balance.

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