Not All Foods Are Created Equal

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What is Kibble?

The ingredients that make up kibble today include preservatives to give it a long shelf life, dyes to make it look pretty – to us, not the dogs – and “animal digest,” a boiled broth made from unspecified components of undetermined animals, which can include animals raised for human consumption, ‘4-D’ animals – the dead, diseased, disabled, or dying – other farm animals, euthanized pets, rodents, and road-kill. This mixture is cooked and then sprayed on kibble to make it more palatable and meet the minimum nutritional standards. In essence, kibble is a crunchy, bread-like cookie sprayed with fats, supplements, flavouring, and attractants – which may include chemicals such as Putrescine and Cadaverine that create what chemists call ‘The Dead Body’ smell. Kibble is a lifeless food made of denatured proteins, inactive enzymes, and none of the natural and beneficial microflora required for a healthy GI tract.

While dogs have evolved to gain nutrition from a variety of sources, much of the actual nutrition is cooked out of the food during the processing of kibble. The high temperatures required to create the animal digest kill the essential amino acids and denature the proteins, as well as eliminating the good bacteria needed for healthy digestion.

A diet filled with heavily processed foods isn’t good for people, nor for our dogs.

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