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What is a Raw Diet?

As in all things, balance is essential for the best results. One of the challenges with kibble is that you’re feeding the same proteins, in the same combinations, every day, often for many years. A healthy raw diet requires variety to ensure your dog receives the natural benefits of fresh food.

A nutritious diet for domesticated dogs should consist of 75-85% meat, bone, offal, fat, and tripe, with the remaining 15-25% comprised of low carbohydrate plant matter, such as parsley, kale, dandelion, and chard, as well as a small amount of vegetables, such as parsnips, yams, squash, apples, pears and berries.

At Growlies, we offer a wide selection of balanced diet options, including a variety of proteins, offal, and raw meaty bones. Visit our store in Langford to learn more about the benefits of a raw food diet for your dog.

How to Switch to a Raw Diet for Dogs

For most dogs, the switch to a raw diet can be as easy as giving them kibble for breakfast and a bone-in raw meal for dinner, but some dogs may be a bit more finicky, and require a gradual change for their diet. In this case you can switch to a raw diet in stages, allowing your dog to become used to the increased nutrients and get back to its natural digestion process. If you’re currently on an all-kibble diet, begin by inserting a high-quality canned food and phase out the kibble as quickly as possible. Once you’ve eliminated the kibble, you can start introducing a small amount of raw mixed in with the canned food. Depending on the age, weight, activity level, and health of your dog, the process can take a few days or a couple of weeks.

While your dog gets used to the increased acidity within its digestive tract, you may notice it has loose stools or some vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, reduce the amount of raw food you are feeding and consider a stool conditioner, such as canned plain pumpkin (note – don’t use pumpkin pie filling) until your dog’s eliminations return to normal.

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