Five reasons you should consider a fresh food diet for both you and your pets.

1 – Obesity, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Failure, and Cancer among many other chronic conditions have been tied directly to diets high in processed foods. Authors like Michael Pollan have said many of these conditions “can be traced directly to the industrialization of our food”.

2 – A processed food that is designed to be shelf stable and has a product life of 1.5 to 2 years cannot be considered healthy. If it sits in a bag for a year and often longer without refrigeration it cannot be considered fresh nor healthy..

3 – Artificial ingredients have little reason to be in foods that are fresh so you only find these in highly processed foods. Attractants (Artificial flavour, Putrescine, Cadaverine), Artificial Colours, Preservatives, and Texturants really have no place in any mammalian diet. Food dyes, even ones approved for use in the USA, have been tied to Cancer, behaviour problems and allergy like reactions, so commonly found in our companion animals.

4 – We get addicted to processed foods. Have you ever tried to get a cat off of kibble? Have you ever tried to remove processed foods from your own diet? Due to the way the processed foods stimulate the pleasure centers of our brains it can be really tough to get off of food lab diets. Sugary cookies and potato chips for instance have been found to be as addictive as Cocaine in published studies.

5 – Scary things like Mycotoxins, Acrylamide and bad rancid fats are all easily researched as terrible ingredients not listed on the label as they are by-products of bad processes while making processed food diets. Beyond the high glycemic value and low quality of ingredients these not-on-label ingredients are one of the biggest reasons for you to consider a fresh food diet for you and your pets.