Question: Should our dog go on a vegan diet if I am on one?

We had an email sent to us recently that asked about our opinion on dogs and vegan diets. I thought I would share it here.

Emailed Question:

My husband and I recently ‘went vegan’… for a variety of reasons… and I am now struggling with the question of how ethical our dog’s food is. We currently by the organic Kirkland (Costco) grain free bulk bag. We want to stay true to her carnivorous roots but want to ensure the food we choose for her is the most ethical choice it can be (environmentally & compassionately). Being in the industry yourselves, can you give us any advice?

Thank you,

Our Answer:

Hi L,

This is a difficult question to answer because when we have done it previous we ended up in an argument we were not looking to get into. Firstly let me reassure you that we have many vegan customers who recognize that there is no morality in the need of their pet carnivores for proper nutrition. We do not believe that a vegan diet is appropriate for our pet dogs and cats.

Come into our store and see what we do and what we are about. We also agree with you, because we choose the diets we sell based on the ethical needs around the diets we provide to our pet carnivores. We won’t sell kibble, for example, as we believe it is unethical for us to do so. Our core values are listed on our website and we would be happy to offer you reading material that explains our position regarding pet foods. We have no corn, wheat or soy and no foods or treats that source from China in our store. Almost all of our raw pet foods are Canadian and sourced from non factory farm sources.

The dog is a facultative carnivore, also known as a scavenging carnivore, meaning they will eat anything to stave off starvation but thrive best on a diet with meat, fat, bone and organ included. Given the quality and risks associated with feeding a kibble based diet we will not carry those products even though they are some of the most profitable products available to us given the long shelf life and often low quality of the ingredients.