Growlies Talks

Introducing the Growlies Talks.

This is a free to register limited seating event, only 7000 seats at the start of registration available.

The list of interviews is

  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst – Pointing the Bone at Cancer
  • William Hoekman – Answers from Answers – Cutting Edge Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Jae Kennedy & Adrienne Lefebvre – Cats, Advocacy, Fresh Foods Tips and Tricks
  • Daniel Orrego – Ketogenic Diets and Health
  • Dr. Robert Silver – CBD/THC and Your Pets
  • Angela Ardolino – CBD Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Myth, & Magic
  • Matt Bonanno – Fresh Foods from a Canadian Manufacturer’s Perspective
  • Dr. Marty Goldstein – Natural Approaches to Health
  • Julie Anne Lee – Supplements and Natural Approaches to Pet Care
  • Dr. John Robb DVM – Vaccines, Titers, and Pet Food at the Vets Office
  • Susan Thixton – Regulation of Pet Food