Neal: Hey everybody it's Neal from Growlies. I want to let everybody know about the Growlies Talks today. This is something I've been working on for months, and months, and months. I'm looking down because I'm at the computer, and I need to actually pull up who it is, is talking because we have such a comprehensive list of speakers. We're doing what we're calling the Growlies Talks at, and the link is in the description for this video. I have-- How many? 11 talks. These are interviews I'm doing with very industry thought leaders.

It's funny, I had nobody in the store. Not a single person at the store, and now I have people. The second I turn on this camera-- If I want a busy store, I should run the camera all the time. It's just hilarious is what it is. That is not a complaint. It's a beautiful thing that people are wanting to do business with us. I love it. The talks. What do I got going on here? We got industry thought leaders like Dr. Ian Billinghurst, who I considered one of the fathers of fresh foods. I interviewed him this past summer from Australia.

He was amazing. Such a generous and wonderful man. We did our interview months ago. I hope he's okay because with the fires down in Australia right now, I hope everything-- I expect he's outrageously busy. You might want to check out his website and see if you can donate to any organization that he's working. Doctor Billinghurst does amazing work down in Australia, and I would highly recommend if there's any of our videos you watch, you do check out his, Pointing the Bone at Cancer interviews.

We're talking to Dr. Rob Silver about CBD. He's done a lot of the interviews, or the interviews-- That's me that did the interviews. He's done a lot of the studies around CBD in pets in North America. He's been involved in those through the universities he works with. He's just out of practice now, and he's offering some amazing advice letting us all know how to properly use that approach to CBD products.

I talked to the two crazy cat ladies. Why? Because they're awesome. That, and there's not enough cat advocates out there. Next time I do this, I'm going to be hoping to talk to someone from [unintelligible 00:02:37], as well as The Two Crazy Cat Ladies again because those guys are awesome. You can't say good enough stuff about them. Ultimately, they're giving good advice that's driven by their passion for kitty cats.

We talked to Matt Bonanno from Iron Will Raw. Matt's a great guy, and we really like his approach. He's got this HACCP certified manufacturing facility that's trying to do it right with a low glycemic index keto style diet for dogs. I love what he's doing. Can't say enough. Unfortunately, it was my shortest interview, and I probably should have to redo it with him next year in order to get even more information out of him.

Julie Anne Lee from Adored Beast, holy mackerel, what a great interview we had. She's great. Do check out the Adored Beast website. They do amazing work, and they were kind enough to share this video. Angela Ardolino from CBD Dog Health. If you're in the US, check out CBD Dog Health. Angela makes a fantastic product, I can't wait till we can get it up here in Canada. Dr. John Robb, this fellow is fighting the fight for responsible vaccination. Being an anti-vaccine video, this is a how-do-we do-vaccine-correctly video.

I highly recommend you do check that out again. Again, much like Billinghurst, he's such a generous and wonderful good person. Dr. Marty Goldstein is one of those amazing integrative vets who talks about this wonderful holistic approach to healthcare, and medicine, and running his practice. He was also Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart's vet, so he's got lots of great stories to share. Who else do we have? I could keep go on. There's so many more. Daniel Orrego, KetoPet Sanctuary, if you're familiar with him, and, check that out. They're trying to do fantastic work.

Daniel works with Rodney Habib on Paws For Change. Susan Thixton from Truth about Pet Food. That's a site every pet owner should be a member of, Truth about Pet Food. She does such good work keeping us informed as to what's going on with the regulation of pet food. I'm missing somebody. I know I'm missing somebody. There's more. I just want to say, come check them out, We're happy to be able to bring these to everybody for free. Sign up, all of it will become available at the end of the month to watch at your leisure, and I hope you all enjoy them. I've enjoyed making them. Warts and all, I kept in all the buggery, things I screwed up. I still hope you like them. Cheers.