Big Announcement

Raw Made Easy


Neal: Hi everybody. It's Neal from Growlies. Today, it's a rainy out there and so a lot of dogs aren't going to get out and be exercised outrageously well today because it's pretty nasty out. I actually like the rain but I understand a lot of people don't. One of the tips, in your house to keep your dog's brain occupied, to keep them thinking, is take them a bunch of treats and roll them up in a towel. Almost like a burrito. Roll them up flat and then lay the towel down and then they have to push the towel they get off the treats. It works really well with small dogs. Big dogs can sometimes eat the towel, I don't encourage that. They push the towel and they find new treats. A small amount of treats keep a dog occupied 10 minutes. Just keep their brain occupied on a day like this when you're not going to get out.

Secondly, we brought in this awesome brand, Big Country Raw. Big Country has 12-pound, 18-pound Grab N Go, as well as these little 4 pound samplers. We have quails eggs, duck eggs, pigs tails, a whole quail. There's a number of other products that we have from these guys. They're fantastic, we're happy to see them in. I believe we're the only store in Victoria with Big Country Raw. Come in, try them out, check them out, ask us questions. Go online, check out their website. They use NRC researched standards for their recipes and I'm very happy to have this HAACP certified producer of pet foods in our store, so that's Big Country Raw. Come check them out.

Lastly, don't forget that upcoming is St. Patrick's Day. Yes, we are less than one month away from our freezer giveaway. Look at that freezer. Yes, you too could enter to win that freezer. Just come in the store, I don't know why more people from Victoria don't just come and try to win my freezer. I don't know any other pet food stores in our region who do this kind of thing. We do it twice a year, so come check us out. With a chance to win a freezer. Brand new pet food that everybody will love, I'm telling you. One of the nice things about it is that the 18-pounders are in ice cream containers. Like wax-papers ice cream containers. It's awesome, so come check it out and thanks for watching.

Don't ever forget that we do have - if I can find it, there we go - more parking around the back. We do delivery, we'll bring it to your door on next day delivery service, $5 delivery fee. Follow us on Facebook, check us on Instagram, check us on YouTube. I don't get a lot of action on YouTube, so that would be awesome. Even LinkedIn we have stuff going on. Come on in. Win this damn freezer. It's awesome.