Exercise is not optional

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Neal: Hey, everybody. It's Neal. It's Sunday. I want to do my live today on the fact that exercise is not optional. What I tried to do was I went out with the girls this week, it was raining, it was pouring hard, hard, hard, a good Victoria fall rain. I was out there and I'm with the dogs and I'm trying to record a video while I'm walking the dogs and the rain's getting on the screen. Which wasn't too big of a deal except, suddenly, it's zooming in, zooming out, zooming in, zooming out, zooming in, zooming out, zooming in, my chin, not my chin, near my chin, not my chin.

It was stopping. It was doing all sorts of things, crazy things. I can't use that video because of the five attempts I made, the one attempt that turned out, the audio, I think, ended up having water in the microphone and it just sounded horrible. Here I am doing my Exercise Is Not Optional in the store while I'm not exercising. Isn't that awesome? What I mean by that is every day I come home and my dogs greet me happily, thrilled to bits and they rely on me for everything. They rely on me to decide about their food. They rely on me to decide about their medical care. They rely on me to decide when to take them out and enjoy a nice stroll. Exercise is not optional.

I don't only mean physical exercise. We want to get them out no matter what the weather, no matter what is happening. We want to make sure that they get the opportunity to get outside and exercise, put their sniff on, smell everything, have a good and fun time as far as a dog is concerned. Play a little bit in the mud, roll around in some grass, enjoy a field. I've got a gorgeous little puppy looking at me. You know, get out. The other thing is on days when you can't because sometimes here, at five o'clock in the afternoon, it's dark and I just got home and I can let them out for a pee. I can't really get out and exercise them so I exercise their minds. I work their brains.

What I mean by that is, I make my girls sit down and they sit down. While they're sitting there, I go and I spread some dry little treats around the house that are high value and well-scented. I hide them all over the house and I put them on the chairs and I put them under the chairs. Places they can still get to, but it's hard to get to that they don't usually go to. Then I release them and I let the two of them go and search it out and find it, go find it. They go and they look for the treats and it occupies them for half an hour, 40 minutes.

It's like math for dogs. I exercise their brains and I make them use their nose. I make them be dogs and it's awesome. I do that if I can't get them out, but you need to make sure to exercise the dogs always. Hi, Emma. I always make sure to exercise the dogs. Now, I don't know, this is a new camera. Yes, it's going to be Exercise Is Not Optional. It's supposed to be the right way around. I'm working on that. Apparently, I got a new phone that's supposed to fix that, but we'll see, maybe next time.

Exercise is not optional. If you can't exercise their bodies, exercise their brains. Make them think, make them work. Make them healthy, happy animals. How boring would your life be if you never get to exercise your brain or exercise your--- I have to show you these guys. Hold on. Can I switch the camera? Hey, guys. Hi, beautiful. Hi, guys. Aren't you gorgeous? Oh, my goodness, yes, you are. Yes, you are. Oh, my goodness. Sorry, I had to. I couldn't help it.

Speaker 1: It's okay.

Neal: I'm not going to harp on that. Exercise isn't optional. Get your dogs out. Exercise their brains on days you can't get them out. Make them work at something every day, every day. This is a product that I really like, that Joanne has admitted she doesn't quite know how to sell it. Hi, gorgeous, I'm all out of treats. I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry. Bye, guys.

Speaker 1: Bye.

Neal: This is a fantastic product that's hard to let people know. Here. This is by Adored Beast and it's Phyto Synergy is what they call it. Everybody has a different name for it. There we go, marine phytoplankton. Phytoplankton, it's a living thing. It's powered by chlorophyll. That's how it lives, by the power of the sun. The phytoplankton is a superfood and so it's tiny. It actually gets through the gut really, really well. It actually gets into the cell wall as an energy source, as a food for your cells really, really well because it's so small. It does great work. It takes tiny amounts of this to make a difference.

I'd recommend everybody check this product out. It's going to be backwards, sorry. I'm still working on that, but check it out. It's a fantastic product. I recommend it for everybody and don't hesitate to ask us about it if you have any questions. I know that we're still learning, but everything I read about this stuff and it's expensive, but it goes a long, long, long, long way. Read about it, check it out. This one's Phyto Synergy by Adored Beast, but what we're actually talking about is marine phytoplankton. Check it out. Make sure that it's right for you and your pets and consider it because it will make a difference.

Lastly, I'd just like to finish these things off. There's more parking around back. Don't hesitate to ask us where that parking is. We'll happily show you, carry out your goods and show you where the good parking is. We do deliver. Did you know we deliver? We'll bring it to your door. Fresh foods to your door. We're all about making fresh foods easier for you and your pets.

Then, lastly, find us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram. Let's get that Instagram number up to 1,000, that would be awesome. Now, I'm back and forth and back and forth. Earlier today, I posted a little grid of images by a bunch of amazing pet influencer people that I recommend everybody share. I just wanted to say to Rachel and Trish and Janelle and Scott and Emma and Billy and Mari and Jill and Samantha and Charly and Jae and Brittany and Peter and Krysta and Nate, thank you for having me. I was thrilled to take part in that and I can't say enough good about these people.

I've tagged them all on the post, so you'll see a post that was posted today of a grid. What we say in the grid is, pets need better food. Add fresh to the bowl with broccoli, eggs, bone broth, sardines, fresh meat, kefir, goat's milk, blueberries and love. I think that that really just tells you all the things-- You could watch every video I've done every Sunday or just read that message because that's what we're all about. Just get some fresh food into them. Let's get them healthier and more vital by adding fresh foods into their bowls.

Thank you, everybody. Have a great Sunday. Cheers.