Fast Eating in Cats and Dogs

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Neal: Hi all. It's Neal from Growlies. Just doing my weekly video. I want to talk today about the speed with which your dog eats, the speed with which your dog eats. That doesn't rhyme off the tongue too easy but okay.

Most of us have dogs that wolf it back, eat it fast, get it, go, gone. They like to eat fast. They are evolved to eat quickly. They wolf it down. It's a term because that's actually what they do. They eat it as quickly as possible because when food is around, it's risky, and so they eat it as quickly as possible so they can get back to where it's safe, relax, and have a nap and enjoy digestion.

When you're feeding your dog a bone, make sure to feed him a bone that's big enough that he cannot swallow it without work and effort and that it's an edible bone. Do not give your big dog tiny bones because he'll swallow them inappropriately. Always give a bone bigger than they can just swallow. You want them to enjoy the bone. Make sure it's not a bone they can just wolf it back.

A lot of people get upset when their dog takes this finely curated meal and eats it in 13 seconds. They're like, "Well, did you even enjoy it?". Yes, they enjoyed it because that's how dogs enjoy things, but if you have a dog where they eat it and then they vomit or regurgitate, because vomiting generally happens quite a bit after eating.

Regurgitating is their form of sharing. We don't do that. We think it's gross, it's horrible. If you have a dog who eats so quickly that he then regurgitates and then eats it again, then you may be a person who's interested in a slow feeder bowl.

A slow feeder bowl is a bowl like this. You'll see inside there, there's all these little ridges that you pack their food in. You pack their raw food in there, then it slows them down, and they take multiple minutes to eat because they have to use their tongue and they have to get in there, and they have to use their brain. That slows them down.

If you have this dog who scarfs and barfs, which is actually really common for cats, they scarf and barf, then that slow feeder bowl, that kind of thing can help. If you don't have that, don't fret, that's normal. It's okay. Let them eat. Let them enjoy it. It doesn't take long for them to do those things, rock and roll.

Cats, because they do scarf and barf, and we like to give cats things in shallow bowls so that they eat all of what they feed you because-- You've ever had a cat where you put things in the bowl and then they eat everything out of the middle of bowl and everything around the outside of the bowl and the ring. They're like, "It's empty. The bowl is empty". Well, it's not empty. You just take a spoon and scoop it around. They're like, "Hey, there's food in there again".

It's because of their whiskers. They don't like the feeling of the whiskers on the bowl, so we use these shallow bowls, but it doesn't reduce scarf and barf. With cats, if you want to reduce scarf and barf, use smaller amounts more frequently and that will ease the barf part of that scarf and barf. Clearly they like it but they're eating it too quickly.

Then, I wanted to introduce you to a product today, a product called IrRAWsistible. IrRAWsistible, we've been selling IrRAWsistible since they came out in 2011, a fantastic product made in Langley, BC, or headquartered in Langley, BC. I believe they're actually made in Vancouver. They have some boneless options with egg shell calcium. They can be warmed up should you need to do that kind of thing to entice your animal to eat.

I don't have much personal experience with that myself, but we love these guys. James and wife run a very good company. They source from human-grade, federally-inspected farms. They're really nice people. It's a great BC product. We highly recommend it.

They have these little two-ounce medallions for people who have small dogs. Then they have the big boxes for people with large-breed animals. Exceptionally well done product, well thought out, well formulated. If you have any questions, give us a shout. Check them out. Also check out [crosstalk] Hold on, I've got the lovely Jo-Anne here backing me up. She's going to pull that up.


Neal: It's dot com., check them out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the organization and you can pick them up at Growlies.

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