Growloween, Teeth, & Bison

Raw Made Easy

Neal: Hey everybody, its Neal. Happy Growloween. Can't wait for this Thursday. Got a big event happening. I just want to remind everybody that we do have our photo booth here on Growloween. It's going to be phenomenal, really looking forward to it. In that photo booth, come put on a silly hat, take a picture with the dog, take a picture with your trick-or-treaters. We do full-size chocolate bars for the trick-or-treaters or if you just want to come in and grab a full-size chocolate bar you're welcome to it, while supplies last.

While we haven't run out before, we only buy a certain amount of cases, so I suspect eventually some year my five cases of chocolate bars will eventually be taken up, but not last the whole day. That hasn't happened yet, but I guarantee you it's going to happen. We do this every year.

What else is going on? I want to talk about-- well, let me finish up with Growloween here first. This is what we're giving away. This is $100 worth of Iron Will Raw from Ontario with this little chest freezer, and over here, and a couple of gift baskets. We also have a number of runner-up prizes. Prizes like cases of Bramblehills beef. What else do we have? Some Boss Dog, yogurts, a whole bunch of stuff. Okay, hold on, I got a list. Let's look.

In my list, I have Yappetizer, so we have lots of salmon treats from your Yappetizers. They were really kind to us this year. Everybody who comes in will get some free Yappetizer salmon treats, wild-caught salmon, phenomenal product out of Vancouver, some Pets Go Raw. We have four-pound variety packs for door prizes or runner-up prizes. We have some Boss Dog yogurt, some Iron Will Raw. That's the $100 worth of Iron Will that's going in the freezer. Some Puppy Love treats which we'll use as door prizes. Bramblehills I mentioned, and some Little BEAST has also given us some samples for people to give their product to try. Thank you to those vendors for their support in our Growloween event.

What else is next is-- so I was at the vet. I had to take my girls in for blood work. They're 10 years old, wanted to get a good full blood panel and urinalysis, so we can find out what's healthy for them because they're good, beautiful, healthy 10-year-old girls. We did our panels up, and while I was talking to the vet, she pointed out one of my girls had a slab fracture on her tooth. She came to us like that. It's never gotten worse. It's not into the pulp. It's not a concern, and they're not uncommon in bone-chewing dogs, but this one was not one that was worrisome or causing any pain.

During that conversation, she sees a lot of broken teeth of people who come in-- somebody just walked in and walked out, I guess we didn't have what they were looking for. Often, because of all the freezers, people think we're a convenience store. They're looking for pop and chips, and we just don't have those. It's a pet food store. Just happens to require the refrigeration because it's fresh food.

Moving on. The vet I go to, she's awesome. Really like her, Dr. Janet Adam. We're talking about the teeth of my dogs and I said, I think it's terrible how- I don't know what's the word I'm looking- flippant people are with dental problems with their pets, because have you ever had dental pain? Have you ever had a toothache? Have you ever had a broken tooth or a chipped tooth? They're horrible. They're horrible for dogs, too. If you've ever had tooth pain, if you've ever had dental pain, and you notice your dog has a broken tooth, go get it fixed.

If you have a dog with a mouth full of plaque and just not been taken care of because you've been eating kibble all their lives, and never had a chance to actually clean their teeth on their own, go get it fixed. Go get it dealt with because it's some of the worst pain I've ever felt in my life is dental pain. It's horrible pain. I just want to send out a plea to dog owners to please take your dog's dental pain seriously. Please get it dealt with.

Our dogs are stoic. They do not tell us they're in pain. The reason they don't tell us they're in pain, because in their mind, in the primal world that they still live in, when they show pain, they are weak and weak animals don't get fed. Then they don't get treated in the way that full healthy robust animals do. They hide their pain from us, much like many people in our society. Tangent. [laughs] What I'm saying is ultimately, if there's any problems with your dog's teeth, please go get them fixed, please go get them looked at by a vet. Please take it seriously. Dental pain is real. Even though your dog's not telling you he's in pain, I would go get it checked out.

Then lastly, I wanted to point out that we have a fantastic bison product. While we've lost bison from Carnivora, there's many other vendors. Pets Go Raw, a local BC producer has a bison product available for you. Pets Go Raw's been great for us, really nice people. Come on in if you're looking for bison, we have it in stock. It's a great product. It's relatively new. It's not in with the rest of the Pets Go Raw yet, because we want to highlight it to people and let them know we have it and it's available for them.

That's it today. I've done my rant, talked about Growloween. I'll see you on Thursday. I will see you on Thursday for Growloween. Come, put on a silly hat, get a picture with the dog. Come, bring your trick-or-treaters, we're giving full-size chocolate bars. Got a coffee and a muffin for you, and get us some pictures with the kids, some pictures with silly hats, some pictures with costumes. We're here. It'll be fun and it's all free.

Make sure to make a small purchase and enter to win our freezer giveaway. We have lots of runner-up prizes, so I look forward to seeing you on Thursday. This is my American Psycho jacket. I hope you enjoy your day. Cheers.

Oh, I always forget to do this. Well, I never forget to do this but I always almost forget to do this. We have more parking around back. Don't hesitate to ask us where the good parking is. It's under cover and it's closer to the store than you may think. There are lots of customer parking spots in the back of the back parking lot, but not all of them are the rock star parking that you deserve.

We do deliver, we bring it to your door. You pay at the door using debit card. You're not in camera, it's all good. You pay at the door using your debit or credit card. If you're going to use cash let us know. we don't like to carry a float unless we have to. Then lastly, find this on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Let's get those numbers up, and thank you very much for helping us to get Facebook up over 1,500 last week. We're almost at that 1,000 on Instagram. Send people to us. We post an awesome picture of a dog every day. Thank you everybody. I appreciate you watching. Cheers.