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Neal: Hi, everybody, it's Neal from Growlies, I wanted to talk to you today about poop. We end up talking about poop a lot. It's an uncomfortable topic generally, but as dog lovers and cat lovers certainly, they do talk about poop a lot. One of the things that's really weird about us and when our dogs go poop, we have two dogs and they often have tandem pooping. When they go tandem pooping we pretend it's like synchronized swimming and we give them a gold medal.

The other thing is that, dogs can have an inconsistent stool. We end up talking about loose stool a lot here at the store. When our girls do get loose stool we'd sing a little song, we call it The Little Loose Poop song. The Little Loose Poop song is song that's sang of little dos scoop. It's [singing] "Little dos poop, you don't know what I ate." Every time we see that, that's this little song that we sing.

When they're doing the synchronized pooping we also sing the KitKat song. [singing] "Having a poop, having a poop, poop pidy pidy, pidy, pidy poop, poop." Do you do that? I do that. What song do you sing when your dog is having a poop? Poop should be small, firm, brown and bumpy. It should be firm in order to express their glands. Dogs have anal glands and they require expression.

That means that a dog, when they go should bear down harder than a human has to bear down so that they can express those glands. They shouldn't be so bearing down that they take forever to go poop, that would be constipation. We want to see a little bit of bearing. We want to see that they have the ability to express their glands appropriately. We want to see that small, firm, bumpy, brown poop.

We don't want them too tight and white. Too tight and white means that they had too much bone in their food. Too dark brown and chocolate swirl means that they had too much red meat in their poop or bone-less meat in their poop. They can also, of course, be all sorts of things like treats and so on and so forth that can cause loose stool. For instance our girls there's a chew that we give them a number of days and we've noticed that whenever we give them that chew they do end up with a much looser stool.

We've reduced the amount that we give those chews. We've reduced the frequency. Make sure that you know whether or not it's the food because it's actually often, especially you're on a raw food diet, it won't be the food unless you're sticking to boneless meats too much. When you get that constipation, that too tighter a white poop, add some boneless meat because that'll ease the burden. Add some beef heart or some liver, and we can overdo liver.

Don't overdo liver. Some people would just like, "Let's give them a meal of liver." No, don't give your dogs two pounds of liver. That's crazy. You do want to include some of those boneless meats to ease the burden of constipation, especially in older animals. We find that a lot with the older guys. They require less bone as they age. They're less tolerant of it and they're more prone to constipation.

Veggies can certainly help and then we can start getting into pre and pro-biotics and all that. Don't hesitate to add some veggies to the diet. That fiber is good fiber. We want to get some fiber into the diet because of course, we've taken out hair which is one of the natural fibers that they get. They would also often eat the stomach of a prey animal and the prey animals are almost always herbivores, so they would naturally get some digestive greens where the cellulose of the herbivore has done a lot of that digestion for your carnivore.

I think that's enough ranting about poop. I think that's like about four minutes of poop talk. If you have questions about poop, if you want to talk about poop, we're happy to talk about poop, give us a call. Come on by, we're happy to answer any of your questions around poop.

The other thing I want to do is talk about Red Dog Blue Cat. Red Dog Blue Cat, we've been working with them for about 12 years, 13 years, pretty much since we opened. They're an exceptional company. Their sourcing is top-notch. If you go to their website they give all the nutritional profile information. They can tell you everything that's--

All the levels and stuff that are in the product so that if you're one of those informed people who want to know everything about complete and balanced and you have that as a target, then these guys can do that because they tell you everything that's in the food with their nutritional assessments that they make publicly available. Which is really unusual in the industry and we want to see more of that.

To wrap it up today, I will just walk around with a tilt and we're going to talk about the way I finish all the time. We do have more parking around back. Don't hesitate to ask us where it is and we will happily show you where the rockstar parking is. Next, we have, we deliver. We do deliver, we'll bring it right to your door. We're working on enhancing that ability. If you're going to be around the house we'll bring it to your door next day delivery service. $5 for delivery just to cover the cost of gas and time.

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