Ketogenic Diets for Dogs and Info on Dexter's Raw Dog Food

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Neal: Hi, this is Neal from Growlies. I just want to talk to you a little bit today about ketogenic diets and dogs. Ketogenic diets are often used for dogs when they have been diagnosed with cancer or are at risk of cancer. Dogs are diagnosed with cancer more than every other mammal on the planet and so it's not an uncommon discussion for us to have with customers about ketogenic diets and some of the options there.

In ketogenic diets, we have to remove all carbohydrates that are high-glycemic index. The best way to do that is just to put them on a meat, fat, bone and organ diet and then add extra fats for energy. What we recommend people do is familiarize themselves with how to do that via KitoPet check sanctuary. You can find them online if you do a search for KitoPet or KitoPet Sanctuary or even ketogenic diets for dogs. Daniel Orrego used to be- Hi Nate. Use to be the head of that organization and I know that I'm hoping to have an interview with him later this year to share some information with you guys. When that's up, of course, I'll let you know.

Basically what we're doing is we're taking away all of the sugars because sugars feed the cancers and putting pets on a fat-based energy solution which minimizes any growth for cancer because cancer requires sugar to grow. Once it has a blood supply it essentially can grow as big as cancers can, you know how it is. What I recommend, if you have a dog who is prone to cancer such as a golden, or you have a dog who's been diagnosed with cancer do look up ketogenic diets and come in and we can help you do those correctly.

We have most of the ingredients that would help you do that. We don't sell the butter often. They would recommend the grass-fed butter as part of that energy source and we also recommend coconut oil to be part of that energy source as the medium-chain triglyceride. It's easier on the gut as well as easy on the pancreas and helps them make good use of the food you are giving them. Just wanted to make sure that people knew that that was one of those options and that we can help you do those things. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance around that.

The other thing I want to talk about today was Dexter's. Dexter's is a raw dog food. I am terrible at this cameraman thing. Here it is. Okay, that's got terrible. [laughs] I'm sorry. Okay, let's try this. Dexter's, this is their turkey. They also make a chicken beef. This is their turkey beef in their turkey box. Come a few toothbrushes, so it's turkey necks. Sorry, I'm such a bad cameraman, guys.

The great thing about this product is it's in half-pound sizes. You can break them easily. With that package, it's easy-open, so you just peel it right open without having to use scissors and it's made in a HACCP certified facility. HACCP certifications are cleanliness and professional certification that many raw food companies are going after now to show that they are handling the product appropriately and making sure that you are getting a consistent and healthy product at the level of a consumer.

Dexter's also has, and this is one of the things I love about this brand is they say, "Give the protein, fat, fiber and moisture that everybody gives." I think everybody's legally obligated to give that information because pretty much everybody gives that information. What else they give is soluble carbs, calories, and a ketogenic ratio and the ketogenic ratio when you're figuring out how much to feed and what to feed and how much fat to add is important to know. Dexter's gives that right on the label so that if you're wanting to do a ketogenic diet, they can clarify for you what their ketogenic ratio is for that diet. I hope that makes sense.

[chuckles] That's funny, Nate. I don't know that I have seen much of your video. I've seen some of your videos, but not much. I'll keep an eye out though buddy. What I recommend is come check it out, try it out. This a turkey beef, they also have a chicken beef, they do have their ketogenic ratio listed on the box. I think Mountain Dog also does that, but there's not many who do that. There's not many who offer that information and I love that. Just more companies need to do that simple thing.

Then lastly, we'll just close up today with the whole more parking around back. Don't hesitate to ask us whether or not or where it is. We're happy to show you where the parking is and we'll carry your product out and show you where the rockstar parking is. We do deliver, we'll bring it to your door. It's $5 for delivery and you can call us the day ahead and we'll bring it right to the door. Thanks, Nate, I try and it's hard to come up with a topic every week. I'm not as well practiced as some people and I don't have a calendar of topics. I need to start doing that.

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