Kibble versus raw poops - the difference

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Neal: Hey, everybody. It's Neil from Growlies. Well today apparently, the topic of discussion in the store today is primarily poop size. We got a lot of newbies over the last-- Every time at this year, coming up to Christmas and all the holiday season and so on. People consider what they're doing with their pets and so we end up with a lot of newbies at this time of year. We're always happy to see them and we're always happy to answer their questions and help them through this process. One of the hot topics today are all the people who have come in and are new to Raw, have been on one or two boxes, and they're amazed at the poop size. They have this dog, let's say 70 pounds, 80 pounds, and would eat kibble previous to this and would poop three or four giant poops a day, every single solitary day from their food.

With a Raw fed dog, we would expect an 80-pound dog to poop once, sometimes twice a day especially if they've had a bone because you always see a higher volume of poop when there is bone involved and you would get a much smaller poop and less frequently. Now they often tell me it smells better. They say it doesn't stink. For me, poop always stinks. It's poop but I guess it's less-- What's the word I'm looking for? Nasty. What does that tell us? That tells us that your dog is making better use of the food that you're feeding them, that there's more value in the food and less poop in the food because with traditional dry food styles of feeding, essentially the dog is living on the energy from a carbohydrate, so basically some of the sugars, the starches and the fats and vitamins that were sprayed on that carbohydrate. The rest is waste, and you're paying for that waste. There's no value in that waste for you or the dog. People tell me I feed a good or a healthy or a good brand of kibble and I always say, "Well, you feed an expensive kibble," because honestly, those poops are telling you that you're not getting value for your dollar, your dog is not using most of what you're feeding them. With us and the foods that we feed, the majority of the poop is going to end up being that bone content and fiber so the veggies and the bone is what comes out in poop, they actually can't digest veggies very well. They have no cellulase with which to break down that cellulose. The bone, of course, is mostly indigestible but they're going to extract the calcium that they require from that. Calcium is a requirement of the diet you do need. They are bone eaters by nature and you do need the calcium as an electrolyte for the heart to be healthy. Don't hesitate to ensure that they are getting what they need and ask us if they are getting enough or too much bone because you can do enough, you can do too much and you can do too little and so make sure that what we want for in a poop, and I know I just talked about poop last week too. I apologize if I'm harping on poop.

They're small, firm, brown, bumpy, is a stool we want, we don't want it to be too loose, we don't want it to be too tight or we don't want it to be covering too much mucus. Now the mucus thing is the body protecting itself or saying trying to get rid of something. Often that happens when there's some people call it a detox. I don't know that I call it a detox. It's usually temporary and short periods of time and even a nice fast or a skip a meal can help with that. I think I've done enough on poop today. We'll get off of poop and not talk about poop tomorrow or tomorrow or next Sunday. Thanks, everybody for watching. You're not on camera, I promise. Thanks, everybody for watching. I just want to remind everybody, and I know I say this every time, but we're going to swap cameras. Apparently I can't swap cameras. That's weird. When I do it like this, I can't change the camera. Interesting. We have more parking around back. We do deliver, we'll bring it to your door next day delivery service. Pay at the door with credit or debit, it's $5 delivery fee, minimum $50 order. Of course, you can find us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and thank you very much for getting our Instagram followers over 1000. That's very kind of you people. We appreciate the support. Have a good day.