Need a good quick easy meal for your dog?

Raw Made Easy

Neal: Hey, everybody, it's Neal from Growlies. I just want to talk today about the perfect tip on what you can feed your dog when you don't want to fast them, you don't want them to skip a meal, but you forgot to take something out or you ran out of your normal food. We had somebody in the other day, they have a dog, they're trying to work with through some health issues, and we're trying to give them some tips on how they can ensure that he's eating well and still getting good nutrition out of the way she was doing it at the time.

Jenny, one of our new people was smart enough to recommend eggs. You know what? Scrambled eggs are a perfect little meal, if you don't want to let your dog fast, but you don't have anything taken out, or what happens a lot with us, is people call us and say, "Hey, can you deliver to us today?" We can't just because the company is set up we have to know how many deliveries I have for the next day, the day before. We just can't deliver it the same day. They're like, "Because I'm all out of food and it's an emergency." Well, there's no emergency, just use some scrambled eggs.

Let them have a good healthy meal that the dog will love using scrambled eggs. It's a great meal. They love them. Don't overcook them so that they release a whole bunch of water, just scramble up some eggs and give it to the dog. Rock and roll, no seasoning required, just scramble them up and it to the dog. Let them cool off first, don't feed it to them hot. That's how we like our eggs, don't feed it to the dog hot. That's a simple, easy meal replacement for a dog any given day.

Next, I wanted to talk about Pets Go Raw. They're a great local company out of Cranbrook BC. They have this big econobox that a lot of people use. It's a 24-pound box, made up of all the end runs, I believe, of their productions. They came up with a new box of the econobox it's smaller. This box is only, what do we have here? Four and a half kilos, and so it's tiny as compared, it's 18 patties, so nine pounds in the box. For those who have smaller freezers and can't afford the big box, that big 24-pound affordable box, try the mini-bulk box. It's an assorted Econo pack, in a mini form. It's new to us, and we're happy to offer it to you. I'm glad to see that Pets Go Raw is adding new products to their product lines. Then I guess, lastly, I want to switch over here. We have more parking around back, don't hesitate to ask us where the parking is. It's available, it's awesome, and it's almost always ready and it's covered, so if it's raining out it rocks.

We do deliver. We'ill bring it to your door. Pay at the door using debit or credit. Lastly, follow us on Facebook, find us on Instagram, check us out, then share our stuff, so that we can get our message out. Thanks so much. Cheers.