Scary East Coast fish story highlights why we wont sell Kibble

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Neal: Hey everybody it's Neal from Growlies, I just wanted today to talk about a story I heard on the CBC. I'm an avid CBC listener and news radio listener guy. One of the stories they had recently was about this fish problem that they've had on the East Coast and I believe it was a fish farm in Newfoundland that in August got too hot and they had a die-off of all their fish. That was something around two million or more fish all died in their fish pens and then they left them for months to rot.

The neighbors and everybody in the area were complaining about the smell and the amount of fat that was floating on the ocean from these millions of rotting salmon. I'm listening to the story and I'm thinking, "That's just terrible. What a terrible way to treat your crop of these actual living animals?" They didn't report it correctly. There's all these things about the story and there's these rotting fish since August. What are we? Middle of October and they're now cleaning it up.

They've said they're probably done by now but the fish sat there in the ocean, in the pens, millions of them for months rotting and that, of course, concerns the area and all that good stuff. I'm listening to this and I'm like, "That's terrible, that's horrible." Then they finish off the thing saying that they've cleaned it up. They're really happy about that and they're going to process the fish for dog food.

Months in the ocean rotting, going to process the fish for dog food. [sighs] What that means is they're going to take that fish, it's going to go to a rendering facility. If there is a rendering facility, it's going to extract the fat from the protein and the protein's going to become fish meal and fat is going to become dog food fish oil. The problem with that is-- If you don't see the problem already, I certainly see it.

Is that when things like that go bad whether it'd be a grain, like a corn, or wheat, or soy, and it starts to rot and it ends up with mycotoxins which are fungal toxins or meat where you end up with bacteria growth, putrescible nastiness, those toxins are formed. When we cook those foods, that may kill the bacteria but it doesn't kill the toxin because the toxin is a chemical that's formed through putrefaction.

Those toxins are still in that food, they're still in that protein, are still in that fish meal. Because they say on a label dog food or cat food and it's feed, and it's feed grade, it's not food grade. There's a difference there, so food grade means that things haven't rotted. Food grade means that they're not loaded with mycotoxins or aflatoxins. Ultimately, what we do is we take these foods and then they end up in pet food. That was so bad to me how accepting the reporter was that these millions of fish were going to become pet food.

It's terrible, that shouldn't happen. It shouldn't be pet food, so what I'm saying is because stuff like that happens in the industry every single day, we won't sell kibble. The foods we start with, the foods we have, all of the raw foods, the first question we ask of all of them is are you starting with fit for human consumption meats? They're not condemned meats. They're not meats of animals who died other than by slaughter.

They didn't die in the field, they didn't rot in the field, they're not euthanized, so on and so forth. That's really common in kibble companies. That's not something we would tolerate from any raw food company. We'll throw a raw food company right out of our store if anything like that is happening. I'd have no compunction to pitch any one of these guys, should I find out they're using animals killed other than by slaughter.

I would prefer that we treat our farmed animals with respect but we need them and they have a job within our society but this whole just letting them rot in fish pens for months and then letting them become pet food, I'm sorry I can't tolerate that. I won't bring that in my store. I know that we have people who love us for the stance that we take and I know that we have people who dislike us for the stance we take but that's the stance we take. We will not sell those foods in our store, they don't meet our values and there's no way I'm feeding those toxins to my dog.

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