Simple vet visit tip for fresh food feeders

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Neal: Hey, everybody, it's Neal from Growlies. I'm going to try and make this really quick because I'm in the store alone today because we're understaffed and Joan is at the warehouse picking up some goods to make sure that we're not out of product and we're actually out of some products. Hopefully, we'll have it in time before you get here. Just want to give you a tip. One of my girls had to go into the vet to get a thorn removed and she ended up not having to get that done. We were lucky in that it came out on its own, there was no risk of infection. She's fine, it's all good.

I was there doing the exam and it was going to be a few hundred bucks anyway. Which is just fine, they're professional and I need them and I love them and it's great that I have a good vet that I trust and I love that, but since I'm there, I'm not going to waste a vet visit. My girl, she's 10 years old and she's perfectly healthy, beautiful girl doing great. Her name's Rosie. You may have seen a picture of her recently in a fairy ring with Daisy, that's my two dogs. One of the things I said to the vet, since I'm there, might as well do a blood and urinalysis so that we can get her BUN and we can get all of the pertinent facts about how healthy she is and all of what's normal for her in her senior years and so that we can understand later in life when an illness may creep up or an acute illness happens and have something to compare it against.

What happens is Doctor Jean Dodds did a study showing that raw fed animals have a higher BUN than non-raw fed or kibble fed animals. What'll happen often is you'll have a raw-fed dog, you go to the vet and they'll go, "Their kidneys are in distress." It's like, well, it's going to be a higher BUN than you would see in a kibble fed dog. That's actually expected. Just keep watching it over a period of time or in the scenario where I am talking about, be proactive and get a blood panel done, get that BUN, get that urinalysis so that we have a record to compare against later when there is an illness, when there is something happening. Just to let you know, do that.

Next time you're at your vet's, ask for a full blood work panel, ask for a urinalysis so that they can get what's normal while they're healthy so that you don't have to deal with something that's-- just deal with the unknown later. Where they're saying there's a high BUN or BUN and it's actually just normal for that dog. It's just a good tip, real quick one, not hard, not intimidating.

Then I want to talk real quick about Dexter's. Dexter's raw pet food, made in a HACCP. Sorry, I'm just lugging it out. Made in a HACCP facility in Alberta. I'm going to flip the camera around here. This is Dexter's. This is their turkey, it's a turkey beef. It's got turkey with bone in, beef, celery, carrots, apples, beef liver, beef kidney, broccoli, yams, kelp, powdered egg shell. You can just add some salmon oil to that. Rock and roll, the chicken version of this is a very similar recipe. As you can see, we've got crude protein, fat, fiber, moisture, soluble carbs, calories per 100g and ketogenic ratio for you so that people who are on specialty diets can get the information they require.

Then if we look here, it comes with a couple of turkey necks and it comes in a really nice half-pound packaging, that you don't need a pair of scissors, you can just peel it open. It comes with two recipes in the one box with turkey and beef. I just negotiated with that supplier, I guarantee that I am the only store in British Columbia that you can purchase Dexter's at. How cool is that? Hi there, I'm just doing a Facebook live. I'll be right with you. I promise not to get you in. [laughs]

That's all I really wanted to talk about today was I'm thrilled to be able to say that we are the only place in Canada that sells that box-- No, in British Columbia that sells that box. We're very proud to have negotiated that deal. Come try it out. It comes with chicken, turkey with beef in both boxes. A couple of proteins, decent recipe, made in a HACCP facility with a toothbrush, either chicken necks in the chicken box or turkey necks in the turkey box.

Then lastly, and I can't say this enough, there is more parking around back. We get so many complaints from people about the parking around here. Please, I'll let you know there are six amazing parking spots that are almost available all day long around back for you. Don't hesitate to ask me to show you where they are, I'm happy to do so. It's not hard to get there. I know that there's some impede-- it's not necessarily obvious to people, but I'm happy to show you where the good parking is. Just let me know and I will show you. We do deliver. We'll bring it to your door. It's next day delivery, and it's $5, minimum $50 order. It's just a service we provide to help you do fresh foods easier.

Then lastly, find us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram. Get these counters going higher, those counters need to be higher. Look at that, it's only 1,577 and 911. We can't have it on 911 for very long, can we? That's crazy. Let's get it up to 1,000. Okay, thank you, everybody. I wish you all the best. We really appreciate you. Cheers.