Stinky dog smell, is that normal?

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Neal: Hey, everybody. It's Neal from Growlies. Today, I wanted to talk really quickly about stinky dog. If you have a traditionally Western-fed dog, a dog being fed a Chef's Table bagged product like a kibble, a raw-coated kibble or any of the foods that you feed as dry, and they stink, raw-fed dogs don't smell like that. Fresh food dogs don't smell like that. Even home-cooked dogs, generally, don't smell like that. Now, some of them do, but it depends on what they're eating, so if they're eating carbohydrate-rich diets, they stink.

If they're eating diets that are in a bagged food like a kibble and there's 40 ingredients, some of them are chemicals you've never heard of in your life, but somehow they're in that dog food, and they're processing all of these chemicals, all of these attractants like putrescine and cadaverine and ethylene glycol and who knows what else they put in these things because there's 40 ingredients and half of them are in Latin and you don't know what they are. Those things are all coming out in that dog's biggest organ, the skin. I can tell you as person who has two 10 to 11-year-old dogs that are rescues, so it's only an estimate, who don't smell at all.

I'm not talking about gas, I'm not talking about foul breath from bad teeth or a sour stomach, I'm talking about a dog who just stinks. You know that smell when you go into somebody's house, and they've been feeding kibble for-- I've smelled it in dogs who are four and I've smelled it in dogs who are 14. It's their kidneys, it's their skin. It's excreting all this horrible stuff that we feed these poor animals, and that's not how a dog should smell. If your dog stinks, consider what you're putting in its mouth, because that stink is coming from its diet. I recommend you seriously consider its diet should you have a dog stink.

Now, how do you know? If you come home every day and that's how your house smells, you don't know it smells like that. You're nose-blind, is what it's called, and so, go away on vacation some point. We all strive to do that at some point in our lives. Go on vacation, and then when you come back, and you've been away from your home for a week or ten days or whatever, take a deep breath. That's what your house smells like to everybody when they first enter your home because they're not nose-blind to your house.

If you can track that smell down to your dog, then you really need to reconsider the diet you're giving that poor animal, because we're feeding them carbohydrate-rich diets to an animal that doesn't require any carbohydrates in their diet. There's no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates in a dog or cat's diet, and you're adding all these different chemicals that, you can look at the list on the bag. I don't even need to rhyme them off. Those are the things that are coming through that poor animal's skin, it's largest organ. Through that kidney, through that liver. It's trying to get rid of all of those things, and that stink is not normal.

I just want to reassure you. That is not an appropriate smell for a dog. If you're looking to get rid of that smell, if you're looking to change the-- What's the word I'm looking for? The pallor of scent around your animal, consider getting them onto a fresh food diet. It can take a long time to correct that smell, so don't hesitate to take time and be patient when changing a diet to ultimately get a healthier animal that doesn't smell up your home. That's all I'm going to say about that. Fresh foods, even if you're making a homemade diet, if you're using a carbohydrate-rich recipe, then I would expect that stink.

We had somebody in who's doing some homemade diets and they're like, "But where's the carbs in that? There's not a lot of carbs." We look at the recipe, it's 95% carbs, so, read a label, ask somebody who knows how to read a label, what's going on, and we can help you do that. We have more parking around back, we do deliver, and follow us on Instagram, follow us on Facebook, follow us on YouTube or LinkedIn. All these videos are always available there. Hope you all have a great day. Thanks for watching. Cheers.