Neal: Hi, everybody, it's Neal from Growlies. I just want to talk about poop. Really really want to talk about poop. No, I ended talking about poop four or five times today so clearly that's a topic we need to discuss. Occasionally, your dog may have a loose stool. First, the thing I can never dissuade you from doing what you think is right. If you think it's right to go to a vet because you had a loose stool, then do that. I, in no way, will ever tell you that that is wrong. It's not what I do but hey you know what, you are the boss of you and in no way is this talk designed in order to stop you or dissuade you from doing that.

Having said that, moving on, when my dogs have a loose stool, I consider in my head, "Did they have a boneless meal?" Because a boneless meal will always have a looser stool than a bone-in meal because the bone, of course, was firming. If you're a raw feeder and you've had a loose stool, the bone end meals will help firm up a stool. A nice turkey neck will often firm up a stool if, for instance, they had too much beef liver the day before. Liver will almost always cause a loose stool so make sure not to overfeed liver.

We can do that both in treats and in foods. Try not to do that. The organ meats are quite rich and we want to give them in limited amounts. For me, it's concerning when my dog has a loose stool multiple times in a row, but a single loose stool to me isn't too concerning. Because in life there are inconsistencies and occasionally a dog will drink out of the wrong puddle or eat some goose poop or some rabbit poop or who knows what, on a walk, and causes an upset tummy.

I think for me, I don't panic when I see a soft stool but I do ensure that they get a bonny meal the next meal. If they're telling me that they're healthy and fine and not feeling ill-effects from it. If they are feeling ill-effects from it, if they are do have an upset tummy, if they are eating grass voraciously-- There's two ways that they eat the grass, right? There's, "Hey, I'm just a moo cow and I'm eating grass and it's sweet and it's yummy and I really like it. Then there's voracious mad, "I have to eat grass cause I have an upset tummy." That's the time when I fast my dog. I let them skip a meal. I take the rest of the day off and then their next meal will be something easy on their stomach like some raw fermented goats milk or scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil - by the way that's a fantastic meal replacement for any dog who's not feeling well. Those kinds of things are awesome.

To help mediate a soft stool, we can use things like pumpkin or Firm Up which is a dehydrated pumpkin which you add liquid to. Any of those things can help. Certainly, with cats, we don't want to use that. We would use cilium, but usually, we would use cilium with cats and dogs when they have too firm a stool or they're constipated. You adding that fiber, that indigestible fiber in order to assist them when they're having constipation.

For loose stool, really, the best thing to do is skip a meal. Do not panic they are animals of feast and famine. Dogs can handle that without issue and just let them rest it off but always after, let's say that scramble egg meal the next morning should they be telling me through their behavior that they're feeling better then I would give them a bone-in meal to ensure a nice firm stool.

What else is there? Hey, Joanne, do you have any tips for stool? Hey okay, so quickly I'm going to get a recipe from Joanne. She's not going to appear on camera because she refuses to do so. When our girl, Daisy, she gets an upset tummy and she starts voraciously eating grass because she goes crazy. I know that it's related to bone content for her because she's 10, 10 and a half years old, somewhere in there. Too much bone will occasionally upset her tummy because she is an idiot and is a gulper. She will gulp too much air while eating a good-sized bone and then that upsets her tummy. She doesn't necessarily get a loose stool unless she's had too much fat in a big leg bone but she gets an upset tummy.

You can tell she's upset and that's that voracious grass eating and so what we give to her is, we give her some slippery elm. We use something called Perfect Form but I believe that's by Honest Kitchen but any slippery elm supplement. We add to that, some activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is what they give you if you get poisoned. It pulls stuff out of your system it pulls it through you. It's really the best thing that's working in Pepto-Bismol for you. The pink stuff is just so that you'll eat the activated charcoal. We add some flax which is mucilaginous and so that mucilage will pull everything together in a nice mucusy stool. We add some water, some bone broth or some goats milk to that to make it palatable. By doing that, the slippery elm and the activated charcoal, and the flax, we give that to her as a quick meal when she's got that upset tummy. It works really great and you can keep it in the fridge for a few days if you need, but usually, we only have to do that once and then everything is good the next day.

I hope everybody's well. Thank you very much for watching and we'll cut it short. Do check out for 11 interviews on just this topic, and so many others, two on CBD. I talked to the father of Raw Feeding Dr. Ian Billinghurst from Australia. I talked to Billy from Answers, that guy is a wealth of information and you might want to check out their website they have some great stuff at Answers Pet Food.

Thanks, everybody. I will finish off my last, as I always do here. How do we flip the camera? There we go. Oh, oh, oh, back and forth, back and forth. We have more parking around the back don't hesitate to ask. We will show you where the good parking is. I know parking is a challenge and we do apologize for that. We do deliver, we'll bring it to the door. A next day delivery service, $5 to cover the cost of gas and people. Lastly, thank you for getting us over 1,000 on Instagram and look at that, we're pushing 1,700 on Facebook. Thanks so much for your support and I hope you all have a nice day. Thank you.