Treats are for us, not for the pets

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Neal: Hey, everybody, it's Neal from Growlies. Hope you're well. I just wanted to do my talk today on treats. Treats are for us. Treats are not for the dog. Treats can be used for training. Treat training is pretty common in our area, and so, don't hesitate to talk to a trainer about how to properly treat train. When you're treat training and you're giving your dog lots of treats in praise for the work that they're doing with you, make sure to take into account all of the calories that you're giving your dog, so that they're not getting fat. If you're doing lots and lots of treat training, make sure to lower the amount of food that you give them, so that they don't end up with too many calories in their day.

Treats are for us, treats are not for the dogs. Yes, the dogs like to receive food. Yes, the dogs see it as you doing good for them. Yes, the dogs see it as a reward, that would be treat training. People come into the store and spend as much on treats as they do on food, if not more, and then, when they buy the food they complain that it's really expensive. Invariably, we'll open up the account so that we can go over with them their current costs, and we see that they very often can reduce their costs by a third or even more, and often as much as half, by reducing the amounts of treats. We over treat. Yes, these aisles of treats and treats and treats and treats and treats, look at them all. Treats and treats and treats and treats. We love to give treats. We give treats for us. We don't give treats for the dogs. Yes, they love it. I like giving my girls treats, but I take into consideration the cost and the calories. Don't over treat, have a healthy dog, love them as much as you can. A pet is as good as a treat.

I reserve my treats for special things like bedtime. We go out, it's cold out because it's winter of course, and we go out and we have-- I can encourage the girls to do their business on their final walk of the evening in the backyard just by saying, well let's go and we go get our treats and so they do it. I reserve treats for special occasions through the day. I don't just use them just throwing them at the dog randomly. I use them to exercise the brain, and this is one we talked about earlier when we said exercise is not optional. You can exercise the brain. You don't only have to exercise the body and we use treats when exercising the brain, so that we toss them around the room, make them wait and then they go and hunt and get their sniff on, and that's a great use of treats. When you can't get out and walk their body, work their mind, exercise the brain, exercise the nose, but don't over-treat.

You can reduce your cost substantially by reducing the amounts of treats that you use. I don't know that I'll belabor that point. I think I've made my point. I wish you all the best, and we're just going to go over here. Just want to remind people that we do have more parking around back. It is undercover, and it will ultimately be the easiest parking to utilize, given the current construction around the store. We do deliver. Did you know that we deliver? We'll bring it right to your door. We'll bring it the very next day, and you can pay at the door using your credit or debit card. Of course, find us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Love seeing when those numbers get up there. If we can ever be of any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us on social media. We're here to help. Thanks so much. Have a good day. Have a lovely Sunday, everybody. Cheers