Variety: what do we mean?

Raw Made Easy


Neal: Hey everybody, it's Neal from Growlies. I just wanted to talk today about the-- What we talk about is variety. We want to see variety in protein, variety in recipe, variety in source, right? We say that all the time. We have it up on our wall all the time in a number of spots. Variety is key to a healthy diet. Some of the extremes we go to is to find products that you can't get elsewhere so that you can do as much variety as possible. That's that variety in source. We have brands like Totally Raw here that come all the way from the East coast of Canada and ultimately offer you a completely different source than any other product you're buying on the South Island.

I don't believe anybody else sells that product on Vancouver Island. We also have products you don't see commonly but are available in a number of other stores in the Island, but they're less common like Iron Will. We also have products like Big Country where you can't find them anywhere else in Victoria, but maybe they'll be coming soon. We also carry things like Spring Meadows, which many other retailers could be selling today, but I don't believe it's very common, and then lastly, we have brands like Dexter's where we're the only place you can buy those in BC right now.

Now, that may change and I hope that it does at some point, that these become more broadly accepted, but the idea is that we're trying to bring things you can't find elsewhere to the community to assist you in doing that variety. We have 20 brands or 21 brands. We have some brands that you can find all over the place, like Irresistible, Mountain Dog and Red Dog. You can find them everywhere but the benefit to coming to Growlies is that we have them in stock as best as we can and we rotate them fast so they're not sitting around in a single freezer in the back of the store for very long, because we're a specialty store, we specialize in fresh foods.

I just wanted to let you know that some of the things that you can find at Growlies you can't find elsewhere. We do deliver, we'll bring it to your door, next-day delivery service, $5 delivery fee, trying to make that as affordable as possible. We do have more parking around back. If you want to know where that is, we're happy to show it to you. You can find us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or you can even check us out on YouTube and LinkedIn. We're trying to be out there as much as possible to let people know that fresh food alternatives are available within your communities and are awesome.

The other thing I'd like to remind people is you can add all sorts of things to your bowl. From fermented goat's milks to fermented veggies to greens in bone broth, to bone broths, to kefir, quail eggs, duck eggs, we got it all. Come and check us out, Our catalog is not comprehensive there. I'm working on a new one and so the old one is slowly getting old, out of date. We have lots here available for you and some unique choices that you can't find elsewhere on the Island. Thank you very much.