Yeasty Paws and Starch Based Diets

Raw Made Easy

Neal: Hi, it's Neal. Ding my weekly video from Growlies. I want to talk about starch, yeasty paws, mmmhhh, sticky paws. They're terrible. If you've ever had them, they're horrible, they're terrible, they stink, your poor dog is uncomfortable, it's never fun. If you have yeasty paws and you're on a dry food diet, you're feeding your pet a starch-based diet. They have to be starch-based to be a cookie and starch is a high glycemic index, sweet thing to our bodies. It causes a glycemic index response or a pancreatic response, insulin response, but because you're essentially on a sugar diet, and a sugar diet is going to feed a yeast.

I've had people come in, and they're like, "He's got these yeasty paws. I'm going to go to duck." Well, duck or beef or chicken or turkey or bison or llama or goat or we could go on and on, those meats don't cause yeast. Starch does, sugar does, sweet potato, grains, rice, potatos, starch. That's what feeds yeast. It's weird that a vet will tell people, you got these yeast problems on the skin and the paws, and then say get on to duck, a kibble. What? That makes no sense to me. It's weird to come in and put restrictions on everything around protein when the problem is sugar. Let's go on a low starch, a low glycemic index diet.

We'll have much more success fixing that starch or dealing with those starch issues or those yeast issues by not feeding the yeast, than we will, by switching to a novel protein because what happens is people come in and they're like, " Only this protein and only this standard and no starchy vegetables." It's weird to me that you're not allowed to have a potato or sweet potato or yam or carrot or apple in your diet, but the kibble is okay because that's way starchy, way higher glycemic index in that. Then you only want duck, or you only want bison, or you only want something that's $7 a pound, and then you're complaining about price automatically.

Take off all the restrictions. Stop that. Instead of having all those restrictions that you give us, tell me what the problem is, and I'll give you an affordable solution. That's low starch. It's low glycemic index. It's a healthy diet, but it may have a protein that he's been fed before. It's okay. That's just me ranting.

The other thing I want to talk about was, I'm going to SuperZoo tomorrow morning, very, very, very early. I'll be doing a lot of unexpectedly, unscheduled random things over the next week, talking about SuperZoo, showing people the good things that are happening, the interesting people I'm meeting, the industry stuff that I'm seeing.

I'm going to do random lives and all those kinds of things throughout that week. It should be fun. It should be interesting, and I will be tired. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to sharing that experience with you. I'm looking forward to some of the things that will come out of the meetings that I make there, both in the opportunity to learn, as well as the opportunity to convey the message of Growlies in making fresh foods easier for all of our pets.

I wish you all the best and thanks for watching. I'll finish off today, of course, in the way that I normally do, reminding people that we have more parking around back. Did you know we deliver and will bring it to your door? Follow us on Facebook. Like us on Instagram. We're also on LinkedIn and YouTube. Check us out. Help us share our message. Fresh foods are easier than you think they are.