About us

Raw Made Easy

Like you, we view our pets as part of our family and we want them to lead long and fulfilling lives.

Growlies was created with the realization of the lack of available healthy food options for our pets and is on a mission to improve food choices for pet owners everywhere. Our growing team is dedicated to providing sound education and helping pet parents like you better understand the benefits of a raw ancestral diet for your furry family members. 

No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, No Kibble!

We are a store with your pet’s best interests a heart. 

We want to do better for you, so you can do better for them. That’s why we ensure none of our products contain corn, soy or wheat and we do not sell any kibble. Growlies’ number one priority is the health and welfare of our customer’s pets and that’s why we are proud to keep this as our store mission. 

Their health and nutrition is important to you and important to us. 

Supporting Small

When you dig into the data, it becomes evident that the pet food world is dominated by a handful of big companies. 

These companies are not committed to quality of product or sourcing and are produced in parts of the world where regulations are lax. That’s why we are committed to partnering with providers who can prove the quality of their ingredients, the safety of their products and can tell us where they come from. We are committed to working with local suppliers to maintain our stock of nutritious and delicious proteins. We also offer choices from select providers in New Zealand and Australia, as their rules around pet food production are similar to that of Canada. This allows to offer a diverse selection of alternative proteins for pets with specific allergies.