When it comes to healthy and raw pet food, there’s plenty of conflicting information to be found online. Rather than trying to drink from the firehose of information, we’ve gathered a selection of the most common questions we receive. If your question isn’t answered below, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Absolutely! We are happy to deliver locally in the Victoria area. We do not go out to the peninsula past Elk Lake at this time. We can typically offer local, next-day delivery for a $5 fee. Our minimum delivery order is $50. Call us at 250-391-4475 to arrange delivery.

We do our best to deliver locally the next day. On the rare occasion your requested item is back-ordered, we will be in touch to let you know.

Yes. We’d love for you to stop by the store. Bonus points if you bring your dog—we have healthy treats for them to enjoy while visiting!

Yes. We carry supplements from some of the most respected producers such as Adored BeastOrganic Ocean KelpHokamixWellyTailsHonest KitchenNature’s LogicOlie Naturals, and Biologic Vet.

Check out our YouTube channel where Neal will regularly post new videos on different topics relating to the health and welfare of pets. Want to see him cover a particular topic? Leave a comment on the videos to let him know—he loves feedback!

We’ve been providing healthy pet food and advocating for a better quality of life for pets since 2007.

A lot of unhealthy mass produced pet food you see in stores originates in China. We are committed to working with local suppliers to maintain our stock of nutritious, delicious and diverse proteins. We also offer choices from select providers in New Zealand and Australia, as their rules around pet food production are similar to, or better than, Canada.

A raw pet food diet has plenty of amazing benefits for pets. It’s proven to help them live longer, improve kidney function and help improve behaviour. Besides, wouldn’t you get bored eating the same food every single day? We carry chicken, turkey, bison, lamb, beef, pork, elk, llama, goat and venison.

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means they are dependent upon meat, fat, bone, and organ as the foundation of their diet. The most appropriate way to satisfy this need is a fresh, raw diet.

Of course! Stewed greens offer a powerful antioxidant, coconut oil can really help a dog’s coat shine, and full fat probiotic raw goat milk can really help their digestion.

Good question! On the average fresh meat diet, an adult dog will eat 2-3% of their body weight per day. If the dog is a little heavy (or lazy), feed them a little less. If your dog is prone to the zoomies, or likes to exercise, feed them a little more.

Cats require 2-4% of their body weight per day in raw food. Speak to our experts in store for guidance on your cat’s unique needs.

This depends on your pet. A dog who is used to dry food can be unfamiliar with the flavours and textures of a fresh food diet. Introducing it slowly over time can help tune their gut to a new type of food. Most dogs, for instance, may have their last meal of kibble for breakfast and their first fresh raw food for dinner.

Absolutely. In fact, starting them earlier will make the transition smoother.

No. This is completely normal. Natural, raw food contains more than enough moisture for digestion. Kibble has had the moisture removed, meaning dogs need to drink more water in order to maintain proper hydration. Proper hydration is one of the first noticeable benefits of a fresh raw food diet.

Yes, this is completely normal. Your dog has less waste to eliminate, as most of the food eaten is now being digested and properly utilized by the body. The poop will also biodegrade must faster than a kibble-fed dog.

We recommend keeping raw pet food in the freezer. This is how it’s typically kept safe, without the need for any nasty chemicals. Take the meal out of the freezer and defrost it the night before it’s needed. Yes, it’s fine to feed partially defrosted meat to a dog. The meat usually lasts three days in the refrigerator in a covered container, dependant upon the temperature of the fridge of course.

We do! We offer a range of pet accessories, grooming aids, toys and even t-shirts.

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