Granville Island Pet - Sardines - 90g

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Granville Island Pet - Sardines - 90g
Granville Island Pet - Sardines - 90g

Granville Island Pet - Sardines - 90g

Our most popular treat!


  • Small but power-packed, sardines have an important place in your cat and dog’s diets
  • They’re high in fat and filled to the gills with Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to promote a healthier skin and coat
  • These fatty acids are also shown to promote reduced inflammation in the joints
  • Sardines are a complete protein, meaning they contain many of the amino acids for optimal health

Why choose Dehydrated Sardines?


Easier to store than fresh or frozen, and free of the preservatives and additives that can be found in the canned options - our dehydrated sardines are a great choice when it comes to both health and convenience. Dehydration is a gentle process that preserves raw ingredients, is free of artificial preservatives and keeps nutrients and enzymes intact.


  • Our single ingredient dried sardines have no additives, no added salt, no preservatives and no harmful chemicals of any kind
  • Imported from Japan under the guidance of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • All-natural and lovingly packaged by The Granville Island Pet Treatery.