Yappetizers - Venison Liver - 100g

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Yappetizers - Venison Liver - 100g
Yappetizers - Venison Liver - 100g

Yappetizers - Venison Liver - 100g


Dog and cat treats with a single ingredient, just Venison Liver that is sourced from New Zealand. Thinly sliced pieces so it’s easy to break into the size you want making it perfect as a training treat! Venison Liver is one of nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A and Iron and contains all B vitamins in abundance. This is also low in fat and cholesterol and a high protein pet treat. Venison Liver is a healthy alternative to beef or chicken due to its lower calorie. A wonderful unique protein for a dog or cat with allergies or sensitivities. 


Great aroma and taste, highly attractive to dogs and cats

High in protein, low in fat and full of nutrients

Low glycemic meat that maintains low blood sugar and a healthy weight

1 ingredient, grain free, nothing added

No Preservatives, Additives, Hormones or Colours

INGREDIENTS: 100% Venison Liver