Without our customers we could not do the work we love to do. We are happy to share these kind words people have been gracious enough to send to us. Thank you to all of our customers, you’re the best.

Kelly S.

Thank you so much for having such a great selection at affordable prices. Every dog owner wants the best for their dog and you guys make it easy! Thank you!!

Shantyll A.

The staff always go out of their way to help you and answer all of the questions you have, best decision I made for my dog was switching him to raw.

Wendy M.

Growlies is awesome. I have a dog with food issues and they have been so helpful. I love to feed my dog the best, and they have it available, and they even deliver. Lots of selection, and plenty of knowledge about their products. They love animals, and welcome them in the Store. Love the new… Read More

Audra T.

Great service, great food for our pups, and great prices too! This is the place that helped me figure out my dog’s nutritional needs when my vet failed. Both of my dogs are now healthy and happy. Thank you Growlies!

Ashley H.

Just went to Growlies┬« for the first time and i am completely floored at my experience! The gentleman was friendly and knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He was able to help every customer in the store as well as give me a little tour and info on the store and products. The store was also very… Read More

Chelsea G.

Fantastic store. They carry lots of healthy food for your pooch. They specialize in raw food, and carry a large variety of brands and types. Check them out.

Glen P.

My wife and I are newbies to raw food and went in to learn and figure out what we wanted to do. Great help with our questions and anything we wanted to know. Our dog loves her raw food. And definitely loves her chicken feet. Thanks again.

Sandra W.

My Shepherd was very picky and rarely ate breakfast. Once we switched to raw he eats every last bite and is actually excited for meal time. Our Staffy has food allergies

Susan R.

Growlies was recommended by a fellow allergic dog owner and I am so grateful I followed her suggestion. Since eating raw, Sweetie’s skin has improved beyond belief. No more constant rashes,

Robin M.

Our dogs Chase & Annie LOVE Growlies! Raw food = healthy pets less health problems. Our dogs act like puppies & they are reaching the age of 12 years.