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The founders of Growlies® wanted a pet health food store that didn’t have what Neal calls walls of candy coated cereal. No kibble is sold in the store at all. Growlies® has all the other pet food options Freeze Dried, Dehydrated, Canned, Cooked, and Raw. We also have no products sourced from China and no Wheat, Corn, or Soy food or treats.

Benefits of Fresh Foods

Improved Digestion

Fresh pet foods are easier to digest than heavily processed dry pet foods. Raw living foods are the easiest foods to digest as they are still in the form that our pets are evolved to manage.

Allergies / Intolerances Reduced

Being able to reduce the number of ingredients with a natural species appropriate diet reduces the uncertainty of what your pet may be reacting to. The simpler and fresher the food, much like for us, the healthier the food.

Strong Immune System Supports

Using products like living foods, digestive enzymes, and probiotics can really benefit your pets. The foundation of the nutrition we get from our food and the response to them begins in the gut. The healthier we make the gut, the healthier we make the animal.

Maintain Optimum Weight

Pets on fresh foods diets like raw commonly normalize their weight. It’s far easier to manage a pets weight feeding nutrient dense low carbohydrate fresh food diets than starch based dry food diets.

Naturally Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums

Giving your pet the opportunity to eat through a size and species appropriate raw bone is the best toothbrush we can offer. Masticating through bone and sinew is how your pet was evolved to brush their teeth. Come in and lets discuss your pet.

No Doggy Stink

When you feed your pet a species appropriate diet it’s amazing how quickly the dog stink can go away. Try it for two months and see what you and your pet thinks. It can’t hurt to try it.

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Our Team


Loves working to bring better, healthier diets to our communities pets.


Former CBC television executive/technician and coffee shop owner. Terry has been a pet owner and fan for many many years. He is proud to work with the great customers at Growlies.


Local dog training expert Ron owns Last Chance Dog Services. While at Growlies he enjoys assisting people in choosing the healthiest diets for their pets.


Neal went from being a software company CEO to now being a dog food delivery boy, he couldn't be happier.

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What Our Customers Say

I can’t imagine feeding my dogs anything but raw food. The knowledge that is provided at Growlies makes my puppy parenting so much easier. I cannot recommend you and your services highly enough.

Great service, great food for our pups, and great prices too! This is the place that helped me figure out my dog’s nutritional needs when my vet failed. Both of my dogs are now healthy and happy. Thank you Growlies!

My wife and I are newbies to raw food and went in to learn and figure out what we wanted to do. Great help with our questions and anything we wanted to know. Our dog loves her raw food. And definitely loves her chicken feet. Thanks again.

My Schipperke Alaska will be 15 later this year, and for a long time, despite our efforts, has endured dry skin and carried a few pounds of extra weight. She had also  become reluctant to go for walks and each day had to be persuaded to come with us.