Core Values


Growlies’ number one priority is the health and welfare of our customers’ pets. That’s why we’re proud to share our principles with the store mission:

Support Small Providers

When we researched the big pet food recall of 2007, we discovered the pet food world is dominated by one or two big companies who make a large percentage of food available through standard channels. By contrast, we only deal with providers who can prove the quality of their ingredients and where they came from.

Grain-Free or Low GI

Most vets will recommend pet owners minimize carbohydrates and grains in their animal’s diet. The vast majority of our products contain no wheat, no corn and very little rice. When it’s unavoidable, we do stock certain products with low glycemic index grains in our store.

Locally Sourced

Unfortunately, a lot of pet food is produced in parts of the world where regulations are lax. We are committed to working with local suppliers to maintain our stock of nutritious, delicious and diverse proteins. We also offer choices from select providers in New Zealand and Australia, as their rules around pet food production are similar to, or even better than, Canada. This allows us to offer a diverse selection of alternative proteins for pets with allergies.

If You’re Going to Do It, Do It Right

We view our customers as partners in boosting and promoting animal welfare. We are committed to working with them to provide the best experience for them and their four-legged family members. If you have feedback, good or bad, about the Growlies experience [Contact Us] and tell us how we can improve your customer experience!

The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

It’s up to every individual pet owner to decide what’s best for their pet. Sure, we’ll provide our perspective and knowledge, but it’s important for you to question common wisdom and discover the truth for yourself.

At Growlies, we advocate the use of a raw food diet for several reasons. We have seen the positive impact it has had on our own pets and are proud to offer it to our community.

Pets Live Longer

In 2003, the Lippert-Sapy study on domestic dogs’ well-being and life expectancy found animals fed with home made food (or raw food) reached an average of 13.1 years of age. Animals fed with canned industrial food reach an average of 10.4 years.

Raw Food Improves Kidney Function

A 1976 study (O’Connor-Summerhill) highlighted the improvements in kidney function seen in dogs with a raw food diet. This type of food contains a high level of easily absorbed water content with minimal toxins.

Behavioural Benefits

Countless studies have highlighted how the teeth, acidic gut and rapid digestive system of dogs are that of a meat eater. Feeding dry, cereal-based food can lead to discomfort over time and cause dogs to become stressed. Raw food is also low in salt, meaning pets will drink less and pee less. With the easier digestion of raw food, there will also be a noticeable decrease in amount of feces.

A Varied Diet is a Healthy Diet

Imagine having to eat the same thing every day. Wouldn’t that be boring? Yet, most pets are fed the same bland food, from the same jumbo bag, every day of their lives. At Growlies, we carry a range of different proteins for pets. We have chicken, turkey, bison, lamb, beef, pork, elk, llama, goat and venison.

Here to Help

Whether you’re looking for advice on animal nutrition or you’re curious about the products we offer, stop by and visit our store. We look forward to seeing you soon—and don’t forget to bring your pet!