How's your energy effect your pet?

Raw Made Easy

Neal: Hi, everybody. It's Neal from Growlies. I want to talk to you today about the energy that you give off to your pet, and how that may affect their behavior in some ways, in certain ways, so bear with me [clears throat].

We get a lot of people who come in and are, let's say, concerned or grossed out by a fresh food diet. I remind them that the food's not for them, but I also remind them it's just fresh food. You treat it just like your own fresh food at home, so food safe rules apply to all pet foods, whether that be canned, kibble, cooked or raw. Because of that, and how those people perceive the product to be gross or to be hard to handle or concerning, or however it be, when they put that down, when they put that food down in the bowl in front of their pet, and they're looking for their pet to enjoy their meal, their pet is reading them the whole time.

Our pets are machines to please us. They want to please us. They want to do the things that we want them to do generally [laughs]. Occasionally, you find one who doesn't, but it's rare. Usually, they're there to make you happy. They want to do this. If you're really apprehensive and you put that bowl down, and you're like, "Eww, this is gross. Eww." Guess what the dog's going to do? He's going to read your energy, and he's going to say, "This is gross. She or he is telling me-- Boss person is telling me that I shouldn't be touching this. I shouldn't be eating this." We need to [clears throat] get out of their way, and let them enjoy their foods.

If you perceive yourself to be, let's say, of a nervous demeanor, or uncertain about what you're doing in regards to putting this bowl in front of them, get out of their way. Let them show you. Let them lead in this scenario, because what happens is you put the bowl down, and then you're kind of hovering over the bowl and you're little nervous, or you're little queasy, you unintentionally pressure the dog. I have two dogs, and one dog will always eat faster than the other dog, and then she puts her ears back and she kind of creeps up on the other dog, and she's trying to get into that bowl. The other dog won't let her into the bowl until she's done. We know our animals. It's all good, but she pressures her away from the bowl.

You got to ask yourself, do you pressure your dog away from their bowl? If you do, put it down, leave the room. Get out of their way. Let them enjoy their food. Don't hesitate to allow them to lead the way for you. If you're one of those people who are pressuring their dogs, are hanging over, are worried, are queasy, let them lead the way. Get out of their way, and let them enjoy their food.

I want to keep this quick today because we're understaffed. We're looking for staff. If you are a go-getter, and you want to join us in working hard for something meaningful because we're trying to bring better foods to our community for our pets, then please join us and send in your resume. Info at Taking resumes now for both frontline staff and manager, and hoping to find some great people to go forward with in the upcoming year.

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