Paw Licking - Is it allergies?

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Neal: Hi, it's Neal from Growlies. It's Sunday and today my video is on paw licking. We have a lot of people who come in and say that their dog is paw licking and it's allergies and they need to stay off chicken, or they need to stay off beef, or they need to stay away from poultry or et cetera. Now, one of the things about paw licking is that very rarely is if it's just paw licking and nothing else, very rarely would it be allergies. Paw licking from allergies is when there's overall inflammation and you see inflammation in a lot of spots or they have a yeast problem specifically in their paws.

That may be related to allergies, but it's usually more commonly a yeast over-bloom from a lowered immune system and too many starches feeding the yeast and so the main causes of paw licking is not allergies. The number one cause, and people hate it when I tell them this, is boredom. Your dog is bored, your dog needs exercise, your dog needs to do something. They need to occupy their time. Our dogs spend most of their time waiting for us to come home and then waiting for us to pay attention to them. They're bored. If you have a working animal like a border collie or a sporting dog, or a cattle dog, I could go on.

We have tons of these working animals with us and we never give them a job, they're bored. What's in front of them? Their paws, so they lick. If you have paw licking, consider boredom as the first thing you need to fix. The number two cause of paw licking that we see is not, again, not allergies. The number two cause of paw licking that we see is a sore back. They're long-backed animals and if they have a sore back and they can't reach their back in order to lick there to say where the pain is, or if you have ever had back and shoulder pain, it may radiate down the arm, but the arm is not the source of that pain, the source of that pain is the back.

Consider a chiropractic visit. Consider talking to your vet about potentially the dog having been over-exercised and hurt themselves. Consider rest. Those are all more common than allergies when it's only paw licking. If you have overall inflammation, paw licking comes with that allergy, comes with that overall inflammation and so it's not just the only thing that's happening. If it's the only thing that's happening, it's more likely boredom or a sore back or a sore shoulder, and chiro we found can be tremendously helpful there. If you have a dog who's paw licking, consider the other causes, the primary causes of paw licking which are not allergies.

Now, if they are allergies we can talk to you about getting on a diet that's a low-ingredient simple diet of a novel protein for a short period of time, something like six to eight weeks, to see if they benefit. Removing the starches from their diet so that if they have a yeast over-bloom, we could control the yeast, or using a product like Adored Beast's Yeasty Beast, which is a three-point protocol of a liquid, a powder and a topical, I believe. Those products can help control the yeast while you're changing the diet to a low-starch, a single protein diet, and then once you're stable again, then we can slowly start to bring back proteins to see what they were reacting to.

Generally, we don't usually end up bringing back the starches because that can be problematic for many dogs. I think I've said what I need to say about paw licking. I also wanted to talk to you today about the Adored Beast's raw hemp oil. Of course it's backwards. The Adored Beast's raw hemp oil, it's a pure cold-pressed hemp seed oil, non-GMO grown in Canada without in-crop herbicides or pesticides brought to you by Adored Beast. As I understand it, they cannot get this product in the US, which is too bad, but I understand why our borders are currently having problems with this.

It's a cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat, zero trans fat, source of omega three, omega six polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E. Exceptional product. Please consider it as the one of the oils you rotate into your dog's diet. We don't generally recommend you only use one oil, we want to mix things up in oils, just like we want to mix things up in proteins. Variety is key in a real food diet. Thank you, everyone, and I'm just going to finish up today, I'm keeping it short, I don't like to keep these things too long for anybody.

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