Scarf and Barf tips, tricks, and causes.

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Neal: Hey, everybody, it's Neal from Growlies. I just wanted to cover a few things today. We've had a lot of action here. I have been working for a full year, and I know it doesn't look like it when you go see it, but I've been working for a full year on our website, pulling a team together here, failing, trying again, trying again. We have a new website. Wow. Wow. Wow. It's is the URL. I like the best but of course still works. It is actually the main domain, but works and I think that's awesome.

At, you can also get all of the access to all the videos at which if you type that into your browser, it will take you to that list of talks which is a series of amazing little interviews that I was lucky enough to have done that used to have a sign-up wall. You had to give us an email address to have a look at those. All that's done, you can just go watch them. They're all available for free without a sign-up. Just have a look at It's great information there for you.

We do have online ordering now. There are many errors. There are many, many, many data entry errors we are working through slowly. For instance, I found out today that our first order made an order, and NRG which is dehydrated pet food made here in British Columbia, a phenomenal product, was listed as a raw product. Our first order. She found a data entry error, a software error, and a payment gateway error all in one. I'm sorry to Ainsley. My personal apologies to Ainsley. I will make sure that she gets a free box of cookies, the holly's cookies, which we also brought out within the last couple of months as an apology for Ainsley. Thank you for your patience being our first test. It couldn't have gone worse. Thank you for your patience.

A couple of things. I wanted to talk about scarf and barf. I talked to a customer about scarf and barf earlier today. They have a brachycephalic dog. That is a dog with a pushed in nose like a pug dog or a Boston or a bulldog or a French bulldog or a-- You go on . All the brachycephalic breeds. A boxer. They're all prone to what's called scarf and barf where they eat it so quickly, they bring it up again, pretty rapidly within the hour and then eat it again because they think it's still fresh. They do and that is what they do and it's gross. We don't want that to happen. It's more common with the brachycephalic breeds or the pushed-in nose breeds than it is the full-mouth breeds, the breeds who have a full real nose. Those guys don't suffer from scarf and barf near as much, but some of them can.

If you have a scarf and barfer, one of the things we did with our-- We had a bulldog. That's what started our store. We call her Queen Maggie. She is passed on now. They gave her six months to live at six months of age and she lived another eight years so she made it to eight and a half, which was not long enough, but it was much longer than we expected when we first got her at six months of age, and they only gave her six months to live. She was a scarf and burfer because she was brachycephalic and she loved to eat.

What we had to do with Princess Maggie is we actually used-- We were still learning, we didn't know and so we actually made her food into meatballs and used them as training opportunities. She ate her meal out of our hands for the most part as meatballs. I don't recommend you necessarily do that, but we were willing to do that for our little princess and she was a doll.

One of the things that a lot of people do do and we have this in two sizes, is a scarf and barf bowl. This is a slow bowl. You put the food in these little troughs that forces the dog to slow down, they can't scarf and barf, they have to take time to eat it. They lick it out of these little troughs. This is raw friendly and dishwasher-safe in the top rack of the dishwasher. Easy peasy, right?

I know that West Coast healer pack does the slow bowl a lot with her guys. Just because the dogs do want to eat it as quickly as possible. If your dogs will often have a 10-second meal, using a slow bowl really can help them to enjoy their meal but they don't need to, they are dogs, they just want to eat it as quickly as possible and they're going to use the slow bowl-- They're going to figure out the puzzle eventually. A lot of people pack it right down there, slow them down, make it so that they get to enjoy their food.

With kitty cats, firstly, you want to use a very flat bowl, a very shallow bowl. We use the metal bowls. Jackson Galaxy makes phenomenal bowls for kitty cats and often you can't do the-- What's the word I'm looking for? You can't do the meatballs and stuff with cats often, so what you do is multiple small or tiny meals. That way instead of a breakfast and a dinner, they're getting a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, a late-night snack. Or they're getting a breakfast, a dinner, and a late-night snack. You're reducing the volume so that they can better handle their bad eating habits. Because if you imagine, the stomach of a cat is pretty small, you don't want to feed them much more than they would eat when they were eating a mouse. We tend to overfeed them into single meals, they want to eat three or four meals a day. If you can accommodate that, please do consider doing so.

What else is there? I mentioned the website or is now available there. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the Growlies talks. Our Howlies are now available in store. Very proud to bring those cookies locally made here on the island to our community.

We have new shirts. I got a whole whack of new shirts. Do you want to model for me? Come on around here, Terry. Terry's going to model for us because I'm a terrible employee and I rarely remember to wear my t-shirt. Terry's got our latest Fresh Foods Matter shirt with our bulldog on it. Same bulldog as we have in our Keep Calm & Feed Raw shirts. Just bigger this time, because fresh foods matter. We've been using that. Thank you, Terry. The lovely Terry.

We've been using that in our social media posts for years and we thought it was about time we actually put it into a t-shirt. I think we're going to start selling those. I don't think they're out on display but if you want one ask. We have them at all the sizes pretty much. I think about 50 of those and a hundred of the Keep Calm & Feed Raw, so it's not like we're low on stock. Check them out. Ask us for them. We'll have them out eventually. These things move slow. We're like glaciers, but we're always here. Thanks. I think I'm done. Have a good one. Bye.


Video thumbnail picture by Alicia at @West_Coast_Heeler_Pack on instagram