Thrive vs. Survive - Growloween is coming up, Carnivora introduction

Raw Made Easy

Neal: Hi, everybody. It's Neal from Growlies just doing our Sunday live. Thank you for watching. Today, I wanted to talk about 'Thrive versus Survive' as well as remind you that Growloween is coming up, so ready yourselves. I'm going to create that event and add some pictures soon this week. I will also be talking a little bit about Carnivora, one of the brands we carry, a good Canadian brand. Hey, Nate. How's it going, man? Good to see you.

Thrive versus survive. The reason we do what we do is to make fresh foods easier. The reason we believe in fresh foods is that ultimately, it gives our pets an opportunity to live life not without illness because illness happens in life. To be alive sometimes that happens and it's-- The idea is to not have chronic illness throughout the life of your pet, so that you're dealing with obesity and diabetes and liver issues and digestive issues and skin issues and having these chronic illnesses throughout the life of your pet. Always at the vets and always wasting money because you're feeding a low-grade fast food diet.

The same thing every single solitary day, we see problems that ultimately are the cause of these diets that we feed our pets. By Growlies having the desire to make fresh foods easier, we also have the desire for our pets to thrive as opposed to survive through life so that what happens is you have an animal who's healthy throughout their life. Then they have an acute illness at the end of life that causes the tragic end of our beautiful, wonderful family members.

What I don't want though is an animal who's chronically ill and living a lower quality of life just because I chose to feed them a low-quality fast food diet out of the same bag for their entire life. By adding some fresh foods, by doing a little bit better, we can hopefully assist them in being as thrifty and healthy and wonderful for as long a period of time as possible and that's why we choose to make fresh foods easier for our community. I hope that makes sense.

Now, the other is we have Growloween coming up. Growloween is one of our two big events a year. We'll be giving away a freezer, of course, and it will have $100 worth of raw in it to be announced. I've gotten confirmation that on Growloween Day, we will be giving out free bags of Yappetizers treats. Yappetizers is a great Canadian brand of dehydrated meats for dogs and cats and we'll be giving those away to everybody who comes in on Growloween.

We will have our photo booth and the photo booth will, of course, be dog-friendly, so it won't have a flash. You can print the picture immediately or text the picture to yourself for sharing on social media. We try to do this a couple of times a year and I hope that you guys enjoy that. That big contest and giveaway and all that is coming up. Growloween, of course, will be on Halloween here at the store.

Then lastly I just want to talk a little bit about this wonderful product that we've been selling forever in seven days, Carnivora. Carnivora takes a whole animal approach where they take the whole cow, the whole chicken, the whole turkey and they grind it up for you and put it in a bag in friendly half-pound packaging or four-pound bags, 25-pound boxes. We sell tons of this stuff and I actually mean literal tons. It's a fantastic product from Saskatchewan. Where is Saskatchewan? I want to say I even went. Why can't I remember? Saskatoon. There we go. Saskatoon Saskatchewan, a big ring road surrounding the city. Lovely place, lovely people. We have to say that their whole animal approach is fantastic.

Now, the lines we carry don't have veggies but we have their veggies separate or we have other veggies like green juju that you can add to these should you desire to use vegetables. Because of their whole animal approach, everything that comes out of the abattoir goes into the bag. You're not going to get the hair and stuff. I don't think the butcher places are allowed to do that in Canada. The veggies are a nice fiber to add to replace some of the things that we've removed because of our modern food systems. I don't know if they do that brand in New Jersey, Lee. I would check with my local retailers or contact Carnivora at and see if they're available in the U.S.

I doubt it, because our market places between Canada and the U.S. don't really play all that well for meats. I doubt that you could get this product in the U.S. Sorry to say that but I believe that's true. We get some of your brands up here, but I don't think you guys get a lot of our brands up there, down there. Then, of course, it's non-HPP and in the U.S., you would probably end up having to be HPP poultry at the very least. For our Canadian folks, a fantastic brand. If your local retailer doesn't carry it, do ask them to check it out.

We even have vets who send people here for detox diets using this product where they're going on a goat or a llama or some other unusual like trout protein for a short period of time in order to detox from having been overfed certain proteins in the past. That helps ultimately get them back onto fresh foods, get them onto real foods and get them healthy again, get them stable so that we can start to do a rotation diet again.

Thrive versus survive, feed fresh foods. It only makes sense. Don't let somebody combat your common sense with a whole bunch of nonsense given to them by their marketing department where they tell you that fresh foods are dangerous or wrong or bad or whatever they say. It's crazy.

Here we have more parking around back. Yes, I'm working on flipping the video. I know it's backwards. That's what happens when I do lives. There's more parking around back. Don't hesitate to ask us where the rockstar parking is, we will show you. Did you know that we deliver? We'll bring it to your door, pay at the door. We're trying to make fresh foods easier. Follow us on Facebook, like us on Instagram or like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We're here to help. If you have any questions, don't hesitate. Thanks so much. Cheers, all.