What it takes to responsibly retail fresh pet foods

Raw Made Easy

Neal: Hey everybody, it's Neal. I just wanted to do a slightly different video for the Sunday video that I do every week, and today I wanted to show you my warehouse and what it takes to responsibly retail the types of products that we retail.

We specialize in fresh foods, we don't have just a bunch of bagged food that sits around on the shelf for long periods of time that are shelf-stable for potentially two years or more. We don't have that stuff, we have to rotate our stuff a lot, but we also are a popular little store so we have to make sure that our short lifespan product ultimately is cared for in the right way.

We have this little warehouse and it meets our needs. It's brand new to us. We're still learning how to use it as you can see. A lot of it is still empty. We actually did some work at our house and had a bunch of our stuff here and now it's all ready to go and be used for the store.

The other thing we have in here is a big walk-in freezer. This is a 20 x 20 walk-in freezer-- It's not quite 20 x 20 on the inside and in this walk-in freezer we have all these frozen goods that ultimately are destined for our store. The reason we have to do this is so that we can meet the needs of our community with fresh foods and this is what it takes to do what we do correctly.

We know that certainly there are all sorts of ways to do this incorrectly, but given the types of product we sell, we have to accept the responsibility for maintaining them or managing them in a safe and effective fashion so that you get the product that is safe and good for your pets in the way that you need them. This is what it takes to do a fresh pet food store correctly.

That unit right there is not-- What's the word I'm looking for? That unit right there is what it takes to do fresh foods correctly. We have to buy in large amounts in order to meet the needs of Victoria and without a unit like this, without proper care and shipping, without proper care in how it's held, while we are not HACCP certified because we are a retailer, not a manufacturer, we try to run in a way that's HACCP Certified or HACCP compliant.

Our shipper is HACCP compliant, we're HACCP compliant, we're not certified. Our manufacturers are often HACCP certified and that means that they are licensed to manage human foods, but they're doing pet foods because in Canada nobody else is watching. Even though they take the tax money from all the sales, nobody else is watching. The CFIA is not mandated to watch pet food and so we, as retailers, have to do that responsibly. This is what it takes to do that. You can't just do that and meet the needs of your community in the way that we do by doing so irresponsibly.

I wanted to let everybody know that this is what we do. Thank you so much. Make sure to like us on Facebook, like us on Instagram or follow us on Instagram. We're always happy to reciprocate. Bring your dog in, we'll post a picture. We always love doing that. Thanks so much. Cheers, bye.