Our Team

At Growlies, we’re a small and dedicated team of pet lovers. We came together to offer an alternative to the walls of candy-coated cereal-type kibble you’ll find at other pet food stores. Stop by and say hello—we’d love to meet you and your four-legged friends!


Jo-Anne’s love and interest in animals resulted in her pursuing work at her local veterinary clinic as a teenager, later moving on to Fairview College for her diploma in Animal Health Technology where she learned about large animals (cattle, sheep and horses) along with dogs and cats. After working in veterinary clinics for many years she stayed in the medical field and received her diploma as a Pharmacy Technician resulting in work at a Correctional facility. She now pursues her original interest by helping pet owners bring better, healthier diets to their pets. She and her dogs Rosie and Daisy enjoy working outside in the flower beds, and is currently learning how to grow vegetables.


Terry is a former CBC television executive and technician. He also owned a coffee shop. He’s been a pet owner and lover for his whole life and is proud to serve the amazing customers (and their pets) he meets at Growlies.


Before he became a dog food delivery boy, Neal worked in several different industries. He spent 10 years in Human Services, helping chronically ill schizophrenic men. He then moved into software sales, eventually becoming CEO. Now, he operates Growlies and he couldn’t be happier!


Emma is an animal lover studying psychology at the University of Victoria. She loves coming to work each day to spend time with her co-workers, our clients and (of course) their dogs.


Kyle has been feeding raw to his pets all his life, having raised three bull mastiffs. A new member to the team, Kyle started at Growlies in January 2020. After working in the food and beverage industry for three years, moving into pet food and care was the next logical step.


Ron is one of the longest serving members of the Growlies team. He is passionate about animal welfare, running his own dog training school called Last Chance Dog Services. He saw first-hand the benefits of a raw dog food diet and loves sharing this knowledge with the Growlies community. Ron is happy to answer any questions you have about doggie behavior, and how a healthier diet can help.


Cathie has had dogs in her life since before she could walk and has always had a deep passion for all animals. She started feeding raw to her late dog, Jake, almost 25 years ago and has never looked back. She spent most of her career working in the veterinary field, the majority of that in a holistic clinic where she developed an extensive knowledge of natural health care and nutrition. She was thrilled to make the move from the veterinary field to joining the amazing team at Growlies. She loves working with like-minded people, sharing their cumulative knowledge and helping people have healthy, happy pets!