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Pets 4 Life - Smoked Lamb Tripe Treats - 113g
Pets 4 Life - Smoked Lamb Tripe Treats - 113g

Pets 4 Life - Smoked Lamb Tripe Treats - 113g








So what makes green tripe the perfect treat for your pets?


The perfect mix of high quality protein and green vegetation, Pets4Life green tripe combines the stomach meat of beef, or lamb with the nutritious greens they have already eaten.


Our green tripe is loaded with gastric enzymes, amino acids, and other gastric juices. Perfect for:


Aiding in healthy digestion and nutrient absorption

Improving muscular development

Cleaning your petsteeth

Improves attention and control during training

Providing a natural source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids

Pets4Life tripe also contains Lactic Acid Bacteria; a beneficial intestinal bacteria and the main ingredient in most probiotic formulas.


For years, pet experts have been promoting the healthy benefits of feeding tripe to dogs; but have struggled to find a convenient, pet-friendly format. Pets4Life has done just that! All of the benefits with none of the mess!



More and more pet lovers are turning to Pets 4 Life Smoked Tripe!


Pets4Life Lamb or Beef Tripe dog treats have the distinction of being naturally smoked over sugar maple wood chips without any added preservatives -



By using 100% Ontario Lamb or Beef and a Mennonite cold smoking recipe, Pets4Life keeps the tripe's nutrients, gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes intact! We use only the highest quality meat from Canadian government inspected facilities.