The Growlies Show

Treats are for us, not for the pets

Very often people can really save money by comparing what they pay for treats as opposed to food.

CBD options available at Growlies

It is a short video today as the store fills up with people the second I turn on my camera. I love it, it does make it a challenge to meet my servi...

Paw Licking - Is it allergies?

Paw licking has many potential causes, why do they always get blamed on allergies?

The Scoop On Loose Poop

We talk about stool consistency and what to expect when feeding a fresh food diet compared to a kibble diet.

Kibble versus raw poops - the difference

Poop is the topic of the day in the store today. So we're talking about poop again. #poop

Stinky dog smell, is that normal?

Stinky kibble fed dogs and raw fed dogs smell different. The kibble fed dogs can very often completely stink compared to raw fed dogs.

Seasonal allergies in dogs

We start off talking about dogs with seasonal allergies and branch out from there to all around itchy dogs.

Big Announcement

St. Pet-Tricks Day is coming! Big Country Raw Now Available Freezer Giveaway Rainy Day Tip

Variety at Growlies

Some of the unique or hard to find brands that you can find at Growlies.

What the heck is a facultative carnivore? Aren't dogs omnivores?

If your pet food company says your dog is an Omnivore, you should question their motives.