The Growlies Show

SuperZoo 2019 report and why we go

Growlies is a single store and considered tiny in the pet food industry yet we're still trying to make a difference.

Thrive vs. Survive - Growloween is coming up, Carnivora introduction

Why we have a goal of making fresh pet foods easier, thrive versus survive. Growloween is coming, keep an eye out for more info and we show off Car...

Ketogenic Diets for Dogs and Info on Dexter's Raw Dog Food

Keto diets, some tips and where to get further information and a little bit about Dexter's Raw Dog Food and their labels.

Toothbrushes for Cats and Dogs and Growloween Info

We discuss toothbrushes for dogs and cats and show off the freezer we're giving away for Growloween next month.

How's your energy effect your pet?

Do our concerns get in the way of our pets?

Simple vet visit tip for fresh food feeders

A simple tip for raw feeders while at the vet. Also an update about Dexter's raw pet food!

Scary East Coast fish story highlights why we wont sell Kibble

In the East Coast of Canada there was a massive die off of fish at a fish farm. We discuss that and how accepting people seem to be of these ingred...

Need a good quick easy meal for your dog?

The perfect, need a good quick easy meal for my dog, tip! Pets Go Raw had a new size of Econo box for those with smaller freezers.

Growloween, Teeth, & Bison

Growloween is Thursday! 😱😱😱 Also a brief plea for our pets with dental troubles. We have Bison from Pets Go Raw!

Variety: what do we mean?

A brief chat on variety and an introduction of Pupkin Spice by Iron Will Raw.

Choosing a Vet - Mountain Dog Food and Pumpkin Spice by Iron Will Raw

Just some quick thoughts on choosing a vet. This is a much more in depth topic than this video covers but we offer a few things that might be impor...

Exercise is not optional

Neal: Hey, everybody. It's Neal. It's Sunday. I want to do my live today on the fact that exercise is not optional. What I tried to do was I wen...